Junior Results: 7th September 2013:

Congratulations to our Under 10 and Under 16 League Tag sides that today joined our Under 11 side in winning their way through to next weekends Grand Finals.

Preliminary Finals

Under 15
TEMORA 38 (H. Lomax 4, T. O’Rafferty, J. Oliver, J. Kelly tries J. Kelly 5 goals) defeated YOUNT 26 (C. Wall, J. Corcoran, J. Stanley, J. Baker, J. Hardy tries J. Corcoran 3 goals)

Under 14
TEMORA 26 (D. Fisher 2, J. Kostrubic, M. Stimson, M. McKenzie tries Z. Lomax 3 goals) defeated HARDEN/BOOROWA 6 (W. Stanley try, P. Smith goal)

Under 13
TEMORA 18 (G. Pinney 2, J. Hartwig tries J. Hartwig 2, B. McGovern goals) defeated BROTHERS 10 (K. Stevens, J. Murphy tries S. Brustolin goal)

Under 12
TEMOR 18 (S. Sheahan 2, T. Miller tries J. Collingridge, S. Sheahan, C. Polson goals) drew with COOTAMUNDRA 18 (no sheet)
* Temora declared winner as first try scorer.

Under 11
YOUNG 20 (B. Baker 2, K. Davis, C. Powderley tries B. Baker, H. Fitzpatrick goals) defeated TEMORA 16 (J. Reardon 2, J. Burns tries (T. Moroney, D. Robinson goals)

Under 10
BROTHERS 22 (P. Voss 2, D. Oti, R. McInerney tries A. Mone, R. McInerney, F. Howard goals) defeated COOTAMUNDRA 12 (R. Tooth, J. Maher tries R. Tooth, E. Stewart goal)

Under 12 League Tag
HARDEN/BOOROWA 32 (T. Noakes 3, T. Collier, B. O’Connor, A. Noakes tries A. Noakes, E. Qunn, B. O’Connor, T. Noakes goals) defeated COOTAMUNDRA 12 (E. Holder, A. England, G. Heggaton tries)

Under 16 League Tag
BROTHERS 22 (B. Horsley 2, B. Hull, E. Thompson tries B .Horsley 3 goals) defeated COOTAMUNDRA 18 (C. McPherson, K. Hogan, A. Kostribic tries C. McPherson 3 goals)

Next Week: Grand Finals

Northern Division, McDonalds Park, Wagga Wagga
Under 10: YOUNG v BROTHERS (9.00 am)
Under 11: BROTHERS v YOUNG (10.00 am)
Under 12 League Tag: TEMORA v HARDEN/BOOROWA (11.00 am
Under 12: YOUNG v TEMORA (12 noon)
Under 16 League Tag: TEMORA v BROTHERS (1.00 pm)
Under 13: COOTAMUNDRA v TEMORA (2.00 pm)
Under 14: TURVEY PARK v TEMORA (3.00 pm)
Under 15: TURVEY PARK v TEMORA (4.00 pm)

Group Nine Junior Rugby League

31 August 2012

Northern Division, Aldridge Park, Temora

Under 15
TURVEY PARK 26 (Strutt, Rose, Hodge, Harpley tries Vickers 3 goals) defeated YOUNG 14 (Boland, Maloney, Hardy tries Corcoran goal)
TEMORA 36 (Oliver 4, Grant, Stewart, Kelly tries Kelly 2, Summerfield, Grant goals) defeated BROHTERS 10 (Hay, Muir tries Hay goal)

Under 14
TURVEY PARK 22 (Atkinson 3, Hodge tries Siegwalt 3 goals) defeated TEMORA 8 (Kostrubic, Stewart tries)
HARDEN/BOOROWA 22 (O’Connor 2, Hinds, Stewart tries Smith 3 goals) defeated YOUNG 16 (Prindable, Forde, Brunton tries Tiedeman 2 goals)

Under 13
COOTAMUNDRA 16 (Bridge 2, Howse tries Caldwell 2 goals) defeated TEMORA 12 (Fisher 2 tries McGovern, Hartwig goals)
BROTHERS 28 (Heinjus 2, Kinder 2, Rafter 2 tries Tracey, Maher goals) defeated TURVEY PARK 10 (Jolliffe, Morris tries Siegwalt goal)

Under 12
YOUNG 46 (Abbas 3, Hills 2, Schiller, Baker, Hall, Berry tries Schiller, Silk, Hall, Hills, Abbas goals) defeated COOTAMUNDR 0
TEMORA 18 defeated BROTHERS 6 (Davis try Longmore goal)

Under 11
BROTHERS 28 (Stubbs, Chambers, McLachlan, Coe, Tracey, Passlow, L. Goolagong tries Stubbs, McLachlan, Coe, Longmore, J. Goolagong goals) defeated YOUNG 22 (Fitzpatric 2, Jones, Newham tries McIllhatton, Newham, Baker goals)
TEMORA 12 (Hargrave, Reardon try, Wood, Kerville goals) defeated COOTAMUNDRA 6 (Beuson try Kelleher goal)

Under 10
YOUNG 16 (McGregor, Langfield, Noakes tryies McGregor, Simpson goals) defeated BROTHERS 10 (Voss 2 tries Voss goal)
COOTAMUNRA 18 (Nicka 2, Tooth, tries Tooth, Maher, Stewart goals) drew with HARDEN/BOOROWA 18 (Allison, Canellis, Glover tries Canellis, Corcoran, Allison goals)
Cootamundra declared winner after extra time as first try scorer.

Under 16 League Tag
TEMORA 28 (Perrott, McKenzie, Henman, Dahlenburg, Madden tries Perrot 3, Madden goals) defeated COOTAMUNDRA BLUE 6 (Churchill try, McPherson goal)
BROTHERS 12 (Horsley, Hull tries Horsley 2 goals) defeated BOOROWA 6 (Griffiths try, Power goal)

Under 12 League Tag
TEMORA 26 (McCrone 2, Mannel, Hadrill, Bushell tries Bushell, Greenham, McCrone, Hadrill goals) defeated HARDEN/BOOROWA 16
COOTAUMDRA 26 (Holder, Manwarring, Clarke, England, Heggarton, Doolan tries Doolan goal) defeated BROTHERS 16 (Coleman 2, Pope tries Oti, Pope goals)

Southern Division, Parramore Park, Wagga Wagga

Under 5
ALBURY THUNDER GREEN 32 (Moras 2, Young 2, Goodwin, Kennedy tries Young 4 goals) defeated TUMUT 28 (Luke 2, Clark 2, Tozer tries Draber 2, Clark 2 goals)
KANGAROOS 20 (Leary 3, Carl, Barrie tries) defeated ALBURY THUNDER BLUE 10 (Robertson 2 trys 1 goal)

Under 14
KANGAROOS 18 (Fitzsimmons, Burey, Barby tries Mascini 2, Burey goals) defeated TUMUT 12 (Dean, Webb tries J. Webb 2 goals)
ALBURY THUNDER 36 (Meehan 2, Kingi 2, Cass, Young, Hampton tries Meehan 4 goals) defeated MAGPIES 10 (Phelps, Shepherd tries Herring goal)

Under 13
TUMUT 46 (Weir 3, King 2, Hickson, Sturt, Lee tries King 7 goals) defeated KANGAROOS RED 8 (Cooper, Perry tries)
KANGAROOS BLUE 22 (Fellows 2, Cramp, Edwards tries Tsipiras 3 goals) defeated ALBURY THUNDER 14 (Twyford, Fitzsimmons, Tuau tries Simmons goal)

Under 12
GUNDAGAI/ADELONG 12 (Elphick, Herring tries Hargreaves, Wilson goals) defeated TUMUT 6 (King try Scheaffer goal)
MAGPIES 16 (Kreuzer 3 tries Flack, Kreuzer goals) defeated ALBURY 12 (Collins 2, Wiscombe tries)

Under 11
TUMUT 28 (Groves 2, Keenan 2, Diversi tries Beavan, King, Diversi, Day goals) defeated KANGAROOS RED 18 (Apps 2, Stubbs tries Kelleher, Apps,Burton goals)
GUNDAGAI/ADELONG 22 (Smart 2, Crane, Webb tries Crane, Luff, Maher goals) defeated KANGAROOS BLUE 0

Under 10
KANGAROOS BLUE 26 (Heeney 2, Stenning, Bassett, Fellows tries Dejong, Stenning goals) defeated KANGAROOS RED 22 (Buttifant, Newbiggin, Wykes, Piercy tries Buttifant, Robbins, Piercy goals)
GUNDAGAI/ADELONG 24 (Hay 3, Flanagan tries Bartlett, Hay, Flanagan, Bell goals) defeated TUMUT 0

Under 16 League Tag
TUMBARUMBA/BATLOW 24 (Munday 2, Kirkman, Kopecny tries Kirkman 4 goals) defeated TUMUT 8 Beavan, Duck tries)
GUNDAGAI/ADELONG 14 (Stelter, Bell, Tuckwell tries Britt goal) defeated KANGAROOS 12 (Lyon, Frazier, Buck tries)

Under 12 League Tag
TUMUT 20 (Lee 2, Duck, Wiggins tries Douglas, Lee goals) defeated KANGAROOS PURPLE 18 (Harris 2, Senior, McIntyre tries Miles goal)
TUMBARUMBA/BATLOW 34 (Murphy 2, Bourke 2, Munday 3 tries Schmidt, Murphy, Putland goals) defeated WODONGA 10 (Cullen 2 tries McCowan goal)

Next Week – 7th September 2013:

Northern Division Preliminary Finals
Parramore Park, Wagga Wagga

Under 15: YOUNG v TEMORA (Mortimer Field, 2.30 pm)
Under 14: TEMORA v HARDEN/BOOROWA (Mortimer Field, 1.30 pm)
Under 13: TEMORA v BROTHERS (Mortimer Field, 12:30 pm)
Under 12: COOTAMUNDRA v TEMORA (Mortimer Field, 11:40 am)
Under 11: YOUNG v TEMORA (Staunton Field, 11.00 am)
Under 10: BROTHERS v COOTAMUNDRA (Staunton Field, 10.00 am)
Under 16 League Tag: BROTHERS v COOTAMUNDRA BLUE (Mortimer Field, 10.00 am)
Under 12 League Tag: HARDEN/BOOROWA v COOTAMUNDRA (Staunton Field, 1.00 pm)
Duty Club: Albury Thunder

Southern Division Preliminary Finals
Sarvaas Park, Lavington

Under 15: TUMUT v KANGAROOS (Field 1,3.30 pm)
Under 14: TUMUT v ALBURY THUNDER (Field 1, 2.15 pm)
Under 13: KANGAROOS RED v KANGAROOS BLUE (Field , 1:00 pm)
Under 12: TUMUT v MAGPIES (Field 1, 12:00 noon)
Under 11: KANGAROOS BLUE v TUMUT (Field 2, 11.00 am)
Under 10: GUNDAGAI/ADELONG v KANGAROOS BLUE (Field 2, 10.00 am)
Under 16 League Tag: TUMUT v GUNDAGAI/ADELONG (Field 1, 11.00 am)
Under 12 League Tag: KANGAROOS PURPLE v TUMBARUMBA/BATLOW (Field 2, 3.00 pm)
Duty Club: Albury Thunder


Junior Results, Round 12 10th August

Under 15
TURVEY PARK 34 (M. Lyons 3, A. Vickers, J. Strutt, D. Rose tries A Vickers 5 goals) defeated BROTHERS 26 (L. Harper, M. McTaggart, E. Reid, T. Luff, N. Hay tries N. Hay 3 goals)
Best (Turvey) C. Hodge, L. McBeath, J. McGowan (Brothers) M. Murphy, L. Harper, E. Reid
KANGAROOS 50 (N. Leary 3, M. Smith 2, A. Carl 2, B. Stevens, A. Burns, B. Hickey tries T. Saunders 2, B. Hickey 2, A. Burns goals) defeated MAGPIES 0
Best (Roos) N. McAullife, L. Parnell, T. Saunders
ALBURY THUNDER GREEN 74 (C. Barker 3, B. Young 3, T. Goodwin 2, S. Webb, J. Kitt, A. Young, B. Moras, J. Carroll, S. Kennedy, D. Young tries A. Young 5, B. Young 2 goals) defeated WODONGA LIGHT 0
JUNEE 16 (T. Miles, A. Sweeney, J. Holt tries K. Deakin 2 goals) defeated WODONGA DARK 14
TEMORA 52 (H. Lomax 4, J. Kelly 2, J. Oliver 2, M. Stimson, L.Skidmore, M. McKenzie tries J. Kelly 3, M. Stimson goals) defeated COOTAMUNDRA 18 (C. Hotston 2, T. Sheppard tries J. Cronin 3 goals)
Tumut 26 (trys J Luke, B Draber, T Jeffery, B Skein 2. Goals B Draber 3) defeated Albury Thunder Blue 6 (Try J Bates. Goal T Robertson)

Under 14
TURVEY PARK 32 (C. Atkinson 4, H. Lestrange, J. Malcom tries J. Seigwalt 2,  J. Hill-Schults, T. Hodge goals) defeated BROHTERS 0
Best (Brothers) J. Mathews, B. Cain, W. Hamilton
KANGAROOS 20 (J. Mascini 2, C. Bischard, M. Burey tries H. Fitzsimmons, J. Downs goals) defeated MAGPIES 4 (A. Hay try)
Best (Roos) M. Burey, J. Mascini, B. Foster (Magpies) C. Barton, J. Shepherd, A. Hay
Albury Thunder 30 (trys B Meehan, J Cass, P Kingi, J Hampton, D Wilson. Goals B Meehan 4, D Young) defeated Tumut 8 (trys J Webb 2)
Under 13
BROTHERS 22 (K. Stevens 2, T. Lawler, J. Harris tries J. Murphy, B. Tracey, S. Brustolin goals) defeated TURVEY PARK 8
Best (Brothers) J. Murphy, M. Kinder, J. Andersen
KANGAROOS RED 20 (S. Cooper, Z. Delaney, E. Perry, C. Macdonald tries) defeated MAGPIES 4 (R. Wardman try)
Best (Roos) J. Newlng, Z. Delaney, C. Macdonald (Magpies) J. Hughes, J. Edwards, K. Kallis
ALBURY THUNDER 28 (J. Blair 2, E. turner, C. Manley tries D. Simmonds 3, C. Manley goals) defeated WODONGA 12 (C. Hicks 2, R. Clegg tries)
TUMUT 46 (D. Weir 3, R. Green 2, T. Hickson, J. Toppin, J. King tries D. Weir 3, J. King 2, M. Casey, R. Green goals) defeated GUNDAGAI/ADELONG 14 (K. Makeham 2, W. Carberry tries J. Elphick goal)
KANGAROOS BLUE 24 defeated TUMBARUMBA/BATLOW 12 (M. Johns 2 tries M. Blanch 2 goals)
COOTAMUNDRA 26 (M. Knagge, J. Howse, J. Bridge, C. duck, A. Basham tries J. Caldwell 3 goals) defeated TEMORA 12 (R. Tayor, G. Pinney tries, B. McGovern, J. Hartwig goals)
Under 12
BROTHERS 16 (J. Cochrane 2, T. Lawler tries T. Lawler, J. Cochrane goals) defeated TURVEY PARK 12
Best (Brothers) J. Cochrane, H. Whitley, K. Nimmo
MAGPIES 26 (H. Kreuzer 2, A. Bellany, B. Pollack, K. Kallis tries a. Bellany, J. Turner, K. Hustable goals) defeated KANGAROOS 8 (L. Reid, C. Hare tries)
Best (Magpies) J. Turner, H. Kreuzer, B. Pollack (Roos) J. Gilbert, C. Hare, R. McLean
ALBURY THUNDER 54 (B. Ford 3, B. Cartwright 2, R. Ruter, J. Capewell, B. Collins, W. Edgar, T. Wade tries) T. Close, J. Capewell, H. Keatings, M. Keen, B. Cartwright, B. ford, B. Cartwright goals) defeated WODONGA STORM 0
GUNDAGAI/ADELONG 18 (J. Elphick, G. Maher, L. Bull tries N. Hargreaves, Z. Herring, C. Wilson goals) defeated TUMUT 0
COOTAMUNDRA 24 (L. Deep 2, M. deep, S. Sheahan, D. Woodhead tries d. woodhead, T. Miller goals) defeated TEMORA 10 (T. Madden, C. Lynch tries M. Gillard goal)
Under 11
BROHTERS 58 (J. Ferguson 2, M. McCauley 2, C. Chambers 2, S. Coe, H. Luff, J. Tracey, W. Longmore tries R. Stubbs, W. Hamblin, J. McLachlan, S. Coe, S. Passlow, M. McCauley, W. Longmore, J. Ferguson, J. Goolagong goals) defeated TURVEY PARK 0
Bes (Brothers) M .Kellam, J. Tracey, H. Luff
KANGAROOS RED 32 (G. Kelleher 2, B. Carrol, B. Jones, S. Harrison, C. Stubbs tries D. Apps, B. Carrol, G. Kelleher, C. Stubbs goals) defeated MAGPIES 10
Best (Roos) I. Cornell, C. Stubbs, G. Kelleher
KANGAROOS BLUE 38 (R. Wiedeman 3, W. McGowan 3, N. Cooper, L. Fitzsimmons tries M. Vietch, Z. Barnhill, C. Brettschneider, C. Munn, C. Rosengren, E. Wright, D. Whycross goals) defeated JUNEE 12
Best (Roos) R. Wiedemann, W. McGowan, E. Wright
TUMUT 16 (D. Beavan,  J. Deudney, B. Keenan tries Bevan Deudney goals) defeated GUNDAGAI/ADELONG 6 (J. Maher try B. Luff goal)
Under 10
BROTHERS 30 (P. Voss 2, A. Mone, R. McInerney, M. Carter tries A. Mone, R. McInerney, W. McCormick, F. Howard, C. Webster goals) defeated TURVEY PARK 14
Best (Brothers) M. Carter, J. Laurent, L. Ingram
KANGAROOS RED 50 (B. Robbins 3, J. Buttifant 2, C. Wykes 2, L. Fitzhenry, J. McLeod tries J. Buttifant, L. Fitzhenry, B. Robbins, C. Wykes, T. Parr, J. McLeod, C. Pavitt goals) defeated MAGPIES 0
TUMUT 10 defeated GUNDAGAI/ADELONG 6 (J. Lloyd try & goal)
TUMBARUMBA/BATLOW 40 (A. Blanch 2, A. Crane 2, J. Murphy, L. Burgun, C. Gillespie, P. wood tries A. Crane, A. Blanch, J. Murphy, L. Bergin goals) defeated JUNEE 30 (r. Maxwell 3, K. Wright, B. Wright, M. O’Reagan trie R. Maxwell, K. Wright, P. Tulaga goals)
COOTAMUNDRA 42 (R. Nicka 3, R. Tooth 2, L. Sedgwick 2, J. Maher, H. Penrith tries R. Tooth, H. Penrith, J. Riskin goals) defeated TEMORA 0
Under 9
KANGAROOS WHITE 28 (A. Curry 2, C. Brose 2, J. Scott tries C. Brose, C. Albert, L. Nauman, I. Lofts goals) defeated TURVEY PARK 0
Best (Roos) B. Kelly. A. Curry, I. Lofts
BROTHERS 20 (J. Cain 2, A. Bolton, B. Moller tris J. Oti, P. Ryan goals) defeated TURVEY RED 10 D. Jolliffe, P. Cooke tries C. McGinn goals)
Best (Brothers) J. Pitts, A. Bolton, F. Cummins
KANGAROOS RED 34 (W. McDermott 3, T. Edwards, H. Plum, L. Brennan tries R. Callaghan, H. Plum, W. McDermott, J. Street, L. Brennan goals) defeated MAGPIES 24
Under 8
BROTHERS GREEN 22 (J. Cain 2, Z. Steele, C. Green tries J. Cain, X. Moller, Z. Steele goals) drew with TURVEY BLUE 22 (J. Crocott, K. Wilson, B. Ingram, P. Goolagong tries J. Simpson, C. Rath, P. Goolagong goals)
Best (Brothers) J. Cain, Z. Salmon, Z. Steele
TURVEY RED 20 (K. Simpson 2, L. Aguis, L. Trevaskis tries L. Tevaskis, K. Simpson goals) defeated BROTHERS RED 16 (X. Bond 3, A. Davis tries T. Chambers, A. White goals)
Best (Brothers) J. Connelly, A. White, A. Davis
MAGPIES 30 (W. Cooper 2, R. Hoare 2, A. Purcell, F. Wilson tries F. Wilson, A. Purcell, W. Cooper goals) defeated KANGAROOS RED 18 (L. Vietch 2, T. Mun, I. Ruschaman tries B. Forge goal)
TUMBARUMBA/BATLOW 20 (D. Kopecny 2, C. Minogue, S. Gordon tries D. Kopecny, P. Hussell goals) defeated JUNEE 10 (M. Everett, W. Field try R. Rogers goals)
Under 7
TURVEY PARK 20 defeated BROTHERS 6 (C. Wood try T. Mone goal)
KANGAROOS RED 16 (R. Kemp, J. Addison, C. Wadley tries N. Buchanan, O. Spackman goals) defeated MAGPIES 12
JUNEE 52 (L. Field 2, L. Moon 2, C. Wright 2, J. Allen 2, J. O’Reagan, S. Wright tries L. Field, C. Wright, A. Ramsay, O. Brabbin goals) defeated TUMBARUMBA/BATLOW 0
Under 6
KANGAROOS BLUE  26 (M. Mescia 2, H. Keough, C. Plum, L. Bradley tries L. Bradley goal) defeated BROTHERS RED 20 (Z. Connolly 2, C. Tuilakeba 2, N. Woodhouse tries)
Best (Brothers) N. Woodhouse, J. Blows, L. Anderson
TURVEY PARK 26 defeated BROHTERS GREEN 16 (C. Kellam, K. Goolagong, B. Heylar, M. Smith tries)
Best (Brohters) B. Heylar, B. Girdlesonte, M. Bolton
MAGPIES 8 defeated KANGAROOS RED 4 (C. Plum try)
TUMBARUMBA/BATLOW 24 defeated JUNEE 14 (C. Vanzanten 2, Z. McDermott tries B. Everett goal)
Under 12 League Tag
BROTHERS 6 (M. Wright try C. Junck goal) defeated TURVEY PARK 4 J. Malcolm try)
Best (Brothers) M. Wright, L. Bramich, E. Coe (Turvey) A. Trevaskis, J. Malcolm, L. Kennedy
KANGAROOS PURPLE 28 (B. McDermott 2, M. Senior, G. Elliott, L. McIntyre, Z. Meriton, L. Miles tries Z. Meriton, L. Miles goals) defeated WODONGA 18 (L. Edwards 3, J. Mann tries J. Fraser goal)
TUMUT 46 (M. Lee 3, P. Duck 3, T. Douglas 3, M. Wiggins tries A. Bird, T. Douglas, M. Lee goals) defeated GUNDAGAI/ADELONG 4
JUNEE 24 defeated TUMBARUMBA/BATLOW 18 (L. Murphy 3, C. Putland tries L. Murphy goal)
Under 16 League Tag
GUNDAGAI/ADELONG 12 (J. Bell, E. Hughes tries M. Bullock 2 goals) defeated TUMUT 10 T. Coe, P. Duck tries J. Day goal)
TUMBARUMBA/BATLOW defeated JUNEE by forfeit

Junior Results, Round 11, 27th July 2013

Under 15
BROTHERS 60 (J. Muir 3, P. Huntley 2, J. Leggatt, E. Mackenzie, H. Walsh, R. Flint, R. Graham, N. Hay, W. Farley tries N. Hay 6, M. Murphy goals) defeated WODONGA DARK 0
TUMUT 38 (T. Jeffrey 2, A. Thomas 2, P. Bellette, B. Draber tries B. Draber 4, J. Freeman goal) defeated WODONGA LIGHT 16 (B. Bradbury, B. Yates, W. Grimshaw tries S. McAleese 2 goals)
TURVEY PARK 56 (M. Lyons 3, J. Strutt 3, C. Hodge, C. Leywood, L. McBeath, J. Levy tries A. Vickers 8 goals) defeated COOTAMUNDRA 10 (C. Hotston 2 tries J. Cronin goal)
ALBURY BLUE 66 (T. Robertson 3, S. Grennan 3, T. Capewell, T. McGibbony, C. Adamson, J. Bates, K. Benham tries T. Robertson 7 goals) defeated MAGPIES 0
ALBURY THUNDER 26 (B. Morras 2, B. Young 2, J. Carrol tries A. Young 3 goals) defeated KANGAROOS 10 (I. Boorer, J. Mascini tries B. Hickey goal)
YOUNG 50 (J. Corcoran 2, C. Wall 2, J. Stanley 2, N. Schiller, S. McCullough, J. Walker tries J. Corcoran 7 goals) defeated JUNEE 10 (J. Holt, B. Johnson tries C. Ferrario goal)

Under 14
TUMUT 34 (J. Webb 2, J. Handy 2, M. Dood, B. Johnson tries J. Webb 5 goals) defeated BROTHERS 10 (M. Grundy 2 tries J. McDonald goal)
ALBURY THUNDER 28 (P, Kingi 2, D. Kelly, J. Hampton, J. Wiscombe tries B. Meehan 4 goals) defeated KANGAROOS 6 (J. Mascini try M. Cawley goal)
TURVEY PARK 38 (C. Atkinson 3, C. Shesley, H. Lestrange, J. Malcom 2 tries J. Siegwalt 5 goals) defeated MAGPIES  6 (R. Waters try, C. Smith goal)

Under 13
ALBURY THUNDER 22 (D. Twyford, C. Manley, H. Weaven, D. Waipouri tries D. Simmonds, W. Kelly E. Burge goals) defeated KANGAROOS 16 (J. Newling, S. Cooper, E. Perry, C. Macdonald tries)
TUMUT 38 (J. King 2, J. Nolte 3, B. Sutton, J. Sturt tries R. Green, m. Casey, T. Hickson, J. King 2 goals) deated TUMBARUMBA/BATLOW 10 (F. Debono, Z. Stewart tries T. Casey goals)
COOTAMUNDRA 18 (J. Bridge 2, J. shepherd, J. Caldwell tries J. Caldwell goal) defeated TURVEY PARK 10 J. Ladbury, J. Little tries B. McMillan goal)
GUNDAGAI/ADELONG 30 (K. Makeham 2, W. Carberry, T. O’Donnovan, T. Brooke, J. Elphick tries B. Maher, T. Brooke, J. Elphick goals) defeated MAGPIES 10 (R. Wardman 2 tries D. Arragon goal)
KANGAROOS BLUE 56 defeated WODONGA STORM 4 (C. Hicks try)
JUNEE 40 (N. Sainsbury 4, B. Ashcroft 2, C. Buck tries B. Ashcroft 5, S. Heffernan goals) defeated YOUNG 20 (J. Langfield, M. Rolfe, J. Simpson, J. Richards treis D. Scott 2 goals)

Under 12
KANGAROOS 18 (S. Bailey, B. Saunders, C. Hare tries C. Simpson, H. Renolds, C. Hare goals) defeated ALBURY THUNDER 6 (J. Wiscombe try J. Wiscombe goal)
TUMUT 40 (S. Cooper 2, C. Bellette 2, M. Scheaffer 2, I. Webb, A. Hartshorn, L. Aitken tries I . Webb, L. Aitken goals) defeated TUMBARUMBA/BATLOW 0
GUNDAGAI/ADELONG 28 (no sheet) defeated MAGPIES 4 (H. Kreuzer try)
COOTAMUNDRA 18 (no sheet) defeated TURVEY PARK 16 (A. Wishart 2, L. Seigwalt tries L. Siegwalt, J. Pope goals)

Under 11
KANGAROOS RED 6 (S. Harrison try L. Burton goals) defeated ALBURY THUNDER 4 (A. Connell try)
COOTAMUNDRA 34 (B. Kelleher 2, J. Bucknell, E. Pettit, D. Leahy, S. Benson tries S. Benson, M. Hamilton, J. Ward, J. Bucknell, B. Kelleher goals) defeated TURVEY PARK 0
GUNDAGAI/ADELONG 46 (C. Webb 3, B. Crane, J. Maher, M. Dasey, B. Magnone, J. McDonald, W. Hassett tries C. Longhurst, B. Luff, J. Maher, B. Magnone, C. Smith goals) defeated MAGPIES 0
YOIUNG 18 (T. McIllhatton, E. Newham, C. Hall, B. Coombes tries E. Newham goal) defeated JUNEE 10 (B. Sainsbury, S. McDermott tries B. Sainsbury goal)

Under 10
TUMUT  50 (E. Gilchrist 5, H. Lee 2, M. Aitken 2, W. Casey tries E. Stuckey, M. Aitken, W. Casey, S. Thomas goals) defeated TUMBARUMBA/BATLOW 6 (L. Burgen try & goal)
KANGAROOS BLUE 28 (N. Richards, L. Fellowd, S. Stenning, J. Heeney tries S. Stenning, T. Carroll goals) defeated KANGAROOS RED 18 (B. Robbins, J. Peircy 2 tries L. Fitzhenry, C. Wykes, W. Hurst goals)
GUNDAGAI/ADELONG 44 (J. Lloyd 3, J. Hay 2, O. Bartlett, B. Lanyon, J. Flanagan tries R. Bethune, B. Hughes, J. Hay, B. Tutty, K. Bell, J. Flanagan goals) defeated MAGPIES 0 (no sheet)
COOTAMUNDRA 20 (R. Tooth 3, H. Penrith tries R. Tooth, J. Maher goals) defeated TURVEY PARK 12 (a. Conlin 2 tries M. Riddell, J. Putland goals)
YOUNG 72 (D. Moloney 3, M. Noakes, R. Brownlie 2, K. Langfield 2, M. Prest, J. Simpson, H. McGregor, P. Sellars, N. McGregor tries E. Pye, M. Noakes, R. Brownie, M. Prest, H. McGregor 2, P. Sellars, N. McGregor goals) defeated JUNEE 0

Under 12 League Tag
BROTHERS 26 (C. Junck 2, S. Pope 2, H. Kellam, E. Coleman tries E. Coleman goal) drew with WODONGA 26 (C. Cullen 3, L. Edwards tries C. Cullen, J. Fraser, G. McCowan goals)
COOTAMUNDRA 18 (E. Holder 2, M. Clark, A. England tries E. Holder goal) defeated TURVEY PARK 6 (E. Glennie try L. Kennedy goal)
KANGAROOS PURPLE 28 (L. Harris 2, L. McIntyre 2, G. Clarke tries L. Harris, I. Wurtz, H. Spackman, L. Miles goals) defeated KANGAROOS PINK 0
TUMUT 36 (P. Duck 5, M. Lee 3 tries) defeated TUMBARUMBA/BATLOW 8 (R. Munday 2 tries)
JUNEE 8 (C. Guinan 2 tries) defeated YOUNG 4 (G. Brown try)

Under 16 League Tag
BROTHERS 78 (B. Horsley 3, D. Smith 3, C. Laurent 2, M. Wendt 2, E. Thomson 2 tries B. Horsley 9 goals) defeated WODONGA 0
YOUNG 28 (K. Hart, T. Silk, S. Dawe, T. Jasmine, J. O’Shea, B. Furner tries B. Furner 2 goals) defeated JUNEE 4 (N. Jackson try)


Junior Results: 20th July, Wagga Wagga

Under 15
BROTHERS 30 (S. Bramich 3, E. Andrews 2, N. Hay tries N. Hay 3 goals) defeated COOTAMUNDRA 4 (C. Hotston try)

Turvey Park 20 (J. Strutt 2, C. Hodge, D. Rose tries A. Vickers C. Hodge goals) defeated HARDEN/BOOROWA 8 (W. Manning, A. Blomfield tries)

KANGAROOS 14 (D. Busch, N. Leary, M. Smith tries H. Lihou goal) defeated WODONGA DARK 0

WODONGA LIGHT defeated MAGPIES by forfeit

Under 14
TURVEY PARK 18 (no sheet) defeated HARDEN/BOOROWA 10 (W. Quinn, C. O’Connor tries P. Smith goal)

KANGAROOS 38 (H. Fitzsimmons 3, M. Cawley 2, S. Timothy, M. Burey tries J. Mascini 2, M. Burey, M. Cawley, R. Delaney goals) defeated MAGPIES 4 (T. Puckeridge try)

TUMUT 18 defeated YOUNG 16

Under 13
COOTAMUNDRA 24 (m. Knagge 3, J. Commins 2 tries J. Caldwell 3 goals) defeated BROTHERS 10 (J. Harris, H. Ridley tries K. Stevens goal)


KANGAROOS RED 30 (E. Perry 2, S. Cooper 2, J. Newling, L. Maslin tries B. Ingram 3 goals) defeated WODONGA 4 (R. Clegg try)

HARDEN/BOOROWA 20 (M. Gay, B. Halls, P. Fahey, B. Pennell tries G. Shea 2 goals) drew with TURVEY PARK 20 (M. Morris 4 L. Siegwalt tries)

TUMUT 20 (J. Nolte 3, D. Weir, J. Topping tries, D. Weir 2 goals) defeated KANGAROOS BLUE 6 (M. Fellows try, T. Tsipiras goal)

TUMBARUMBA/BATLOW 18 (A. Johns 2, Z. Stewart, J. Cottam tries S. Hohua goal) defeated MAGPIES 4
Best (Tumba/Batlow) F. Debono, A. Johns, J. Tutt

Under 12
COOTAMUNDRA 18 (S. Sheahan 2, J. Collingridge tries S. Sheahan, D. Woodhead, K. White goals) defeated BROTHERS 14 (K. Van Lierop 3 tries S. Coe goal)

KANGAROOS 26 (B. Saunders 2, C. Simpson, J. Wykes, C. Hare, B. Barby tries L. Read goal) defeated WODONGA 4 (K. Joss try)

GUNDAGAI/ADELONG 18 (Z. Herring 3, C. Wilson tries C. Wilson goal) defeated ALBURY 6 (B. Ford try J. Wiscombe goal)

MAGPIES 28 (J. Cobden 3, K. Kallis 2, C. Wild tries B. Pollack, L. Peisley goals) defeated TUMBARUMBA/BATLOW 0

Under 11
BROTHERS 14 (R. Stubbs, C. Chambers, M. McCauley tries J. McLachlan goal) defeated COOTAMUNDRA 10 (H. Duncombe, J. Hogan tries J. Ward goal)

GUNDAGAI/ADELONG 48 (J. Maher 2, M. Dasey 2, D. Elliott, K. Berg, D. Maher, C. Webb tries c. Longhurst, B. Luff, K. Berg, D. Maher, B. Crane, J. Maher, M. Dasey, B. Ray goals) defeated ALBURY 0
KANGAROOS BLUE defeated MAGPIES by forfeit

Under 10
BROTHERS 26 (P. Voss 4, A. Mone tries A. Mone, W. McCormick, F. Howard goals) defeated COOTAMUNDRA 20 (J. Maher 2, R. Tooth, H. Penrith tries H. Penrith, N. Loutitt goals)

GUNDAGAI/ADELONG 24 defeated ALBURY 4 (N. Richards try)

TUMBARUMBA/BATLOW 28 (J. Murphy 2, L. Burgun, M. Williamson-Roe, A. Crane, C. Gillespie A. Crane, C. Gillespie goals) defeated MAGPIES 10 (no sheet)

KANGAROOS RED defeated WODONGA by forfeit

Under 9
TURVEY RED 26 (C. McGinn 4, B. Hilton tries C. McLinn, P. Cooke, b. Hilton goals) drew with HARDEN/BOOROWA 26 (S. Shea 3, A. Piper, W. Fahey tries S. Shea, T. Potts, W. Fahey goals)

KANGAROOS WHITE 34 (C. Brose 4, B. Kelly, a. Curry, D. Warner tries C. Brose, C. Albert, B. Kelly goals) defeated

KANGAROOS RED 18 (J. Putland 2, J. Simpson, B. Ingram tries H. Kennedy, J. Grocott goals)


Under 8
TUMBARUMBA/BATLOW 24 (R. Smith 3, P. Hussell, K. Stuenkel, S. Gordon tries) defeated MAGPIES 12 (no sheet)

Under 7
TURVEY PARK 24 (no sheet) defeated HARDEN 0

WODONGA 32 (no sheet) defeated KANGAROOS RED 18 (O. Spackman 2, B. Dennison, N. buchanan tries T. Spackman goal)

MAGPIES 30 (no sheet) defeated TUMBARUMBA/BATLOW 26 (T. Burgun 5, J. Gillespie tries T. Burgun goal)

Under 6
KANGAROOS RED 34 (H. Keough 3, M. Mescia 2, L. Bradley, C. Mescia, C. Plum tries H. Keough goal) defeated TURVEY PARK 4 (no sheet)


Under 16 League Tag
WODONGA STORM 12 (C. Scott 2 tries K. Casburn 2 goals) defeated KANGAROOS 8 (A. Zurbo, T. Buck tries)



Under 12 League Tag
COOTAMUNDRA 22 (C. Manwaring 2, A. England 2, C. Doolan tries Z. Guthrie goal) defeated BROTHERS 16 (L. Coles, S. Pope, H. Oti tries S. Pope, H. Oti goals)

HARDEN/BOOROWA 30 (A. Noakes 2, A. Kelly 2, E. Alcorn, B. O’Connor tries A. Noakes, A. Kelly, T. Noakes goals) defeated TURVEY PARK 6 (L. Kennedy try E. Parker goal)

WODONGA  26 (C. Cullen 2, L. Edwards 2, J. Mann, S. Clegg tries L. Edwards, G. McCowan goals) drew with

KANGAROOS PINK 26 (G. Holbrook 3, M. Hiscock 2, a. Hiscock tries G. Holbrook, C. Burton goals)

KANGAROOS PURPLE 44 (M. Senior 2, L. Harris 2, Z. Meriton 2, K. Sibrey 2, I Wurtz, L. McIntyre tries K. Sibrey, L. Miles goals) defeated GUNDAGAI/ADELONG 12 (J. Bartlett 2, H. Britt, D. Elphick tries)

Junior Results: 13th July, Wagga Wagga

Under 15
BROTHERS 48 (S. Bramich 4, E. Andrews 2, N. Hay, L. Harper tries N. Hay 6 goals) defeated HARDEN/BOOROWA 4 (W. Stanley try)

COOTAMUNDRA 24 (C. Hotston 2, J. Cronin 2 tries J. Cronin 4 goals) defeated KANGAROOS 14 (N. Leary 2, A. Burns tries B. Hickey goal)

TUMUT defeated MAGPIES by forfeit

Under 14
HARDEN/BOOROWA 42 (no sheet) defeated BROTHERS 0

TUMUT 28 (no sheet) defeated MAGPIES 16 (A. Hay 2, W. Herring tries C. Smith. W. Herring  goals)

Under 13
BROTHERS 28 (J. Cochrane 2, T. Heinjus, J. Murphy, B. Tracey, K. Stevens, T. Lawler tries) defeated HARDEN/BOOROWA 8 (L. Allison, B. Halls tries)

KANGAROOS RED 18 (K. Maslin, R. Close, E. Perry, C. Macdonald tries B. Ingram goal) defeated KANGAROOS BLUE (no sheet)

TUMUT defeated MAGPIES by forfeit

Under 12
KANGAOOS 22 (S. Bailey 3, L. Read,  B. Saunders tries H. Reynolds goal) defeated COOTAMUNDRA 8 (no sheet)

TUMUT 16 (no sheet) defeated MAGPIES 4 (K. Gordon try)

Under 11
TUMUT 52 (B. Keenan 3, D. Beavan 2, J. Kell 2, M. Vaughan, W. King, E. Day tries C. Johnson, D. Beavan, W. King, J. Deudney, E. Day, L. Piper goals) defeated MAGPIES 0

KANGAROOS RED 24 (S. Harrison 2, G. Kelleher, C. Stubbs tries J. Piercy, G. Kelleher, T. Cotterill, T. Zordan goals) defeated COOTAMUNDRA 18 (J. Bucknell 2, L. Wilson tries B. Kelleher, M. Hamilton, J. Ward goals)

Under 10
BROTHERS 24 (P. Voss 2, A. Mone, F. Howard, J. Laurent tries A. Mone, R. McInerney goals) defeated HARDEN/BOOROWA 18 (no sheet)

KANGAROOS BLUE 46 (L. Fellows 3, C. Bassett 2, J. Manley, S. Stenning, T. Carroll, J. Board tries J. De Jong, J. Manley, T. Carroll, J. Robbie, J. Board goals) defeated TUMBARUMBA 4 L. Burgun try)

TUMUT 32 (E. Gilchrist 3, A. Gregory 2, J. Hillier tries T. Stewart, a. Gregory, J. Hillier, E. Gilchrist goals) defeated MAGPIES 6 (K. Wilson try M. Hall goal)

KANGAROOS RED 22 (B. Robbins 2, J. Buttifant, C. Wykes tries W. Hurst, T. Rosengren, C. Pavitt goals) defeated COOTAMUNDRA 16 (R. Nicka, R. Tooth, J. Maher tries J. Maher, I. Tregear goals)

Under 9
BROTHERS 28 (C. Tuilakeba 4, B. Moller tries A. Bolton, R. Wales, J. Pitts, B. Moller goals) defeated HARDEN/BOOROWA 22 (no sheet)

KANGAROOS WHITE 10 (J. Scott, C. Brose tries J. Scott goal) defeated GUNDAGAI 8 (no sheet)

KANGAROOS RED 30 (W. McDermott 3, J. Street, H. Plum tries t. Edwards, R. Callaghan, J. Street goals) defeated COOTAMUNDRA 6 (no sheet)

COOTAMUNDRA WHITE 28 (no sheet) defeated KANGAROOS BLUE 10

Under 8
BROTHERS RED 66 (X. Bond 6, M. Murphy, A. White, A. Davis, M. Hamblin tries J. Connolly, M. Murphy, A. Davis, M. Hamblin, R. Armstrong, X. Bond goals) defeated HARDEN/BOOROWA 6 (no sheet)

KANGAROOS RED 22 (L. Veitch 3, M. Pavitt tries J. Elphick, B. O’Reilly, t. Munn goals) defeated COOTAMUNDRA 16 (no sheet)

MAGPIES 58 (R. Hoare 3, I. Hardman 2, A. Purcell 2, B. Hall 3, F. Wilson tries F. Wilson, A. Purcell, I. Hardman, W. Cooper, J. Fuller, Z. Lucas, B. Hall goals) defeated TUMUT 4 (S. Grady try)

Under 7
BROTHERS 60 (M. Ryan 4, C. Wood 3, C. Benson 2, M. Smith, L. Heylar, CJ Kellam, T. Neason tries C. benson 2, C. Wood, T. McGregor goals) defeated HARDEN 0

TUMUT 18 (no sheet) defeated MAGPIES 8 (B. Dowling, B. Hall tries)

TUMBARUMBA 28 (W. Lott 2, D. Gordon, T. Burgun, D. Crane, L. McCarthy tries W. Lott, T. Burgun, A. Smith, J. Ovenden goals) defeated BOOROWA 16 (no sheet)

COOTAMUNDRA 24 (no sheet) defeated COOTAMUNDRA WHITE 18 (J. Newton, L. Cole, C. Byron tries L. Cole, L. Cole, C. Byron goals)

COOTAMUNDRA 34 (no sheet) defeated KANGAROOS RED 20 (J. Addison 2, C. Wardley O. Spackman tries J. Addison, C. Wardley goals)

Under 6
BROTHERS 28 (Z. Connolly 2, C. Tuilakeba, C. Kellam, M. Bolton, K. Goolagong M. Smith tries) defeated TUMBARUMBA/BATLOW 20 (no sheet)

TUMUT 26 (A. Rossiter 4, T. Ferguson, N. Cobden tries A. Rossiter goal) defeated MAGPIES 8 (no sheet)

League Tag
Under 12 Girls Tag
BROTHERS 20 (E. Coleman, H. Oti, S. Pope tries C. Junck, H. Oti goals) defeated HARDEN/BOOROWA 12 (A. Noakes, T. Noakes tries A. Noakes, T. Noakes goals)

KANGAROOS PURPLE 36 (L. Harris 3, L. McIntyre 3, L. Miles tries L. Harris 2, I. Wurtz, L. McIntyre goals) defeated TUMBARUMBA/BATLOW 12 (T. Edwards, T. Hussell tries L. Edwards, L. Murphy goals)

COOTAMUNDRA 28 (A. McClintock 2, C. Manwaring 2, E. Holder, C. Doolan tries C. Doolan, a. McClintock goals) defeated KANGAROOS PINK 0

Under 16 Girls Tag
BROTHERS 18 (B. Horsley 2, B. Hull tries B. Horsley 2, B. Hull goals) defeated HARDEN 6 (H. Whatman try T. Goode goal)

BOOROWA 24 (C. Griffiths, I. Grazian, M. Stephens, O. Gay, I. McGrath tries P. Power 2 goals) defeated BROTHERS 14 (B. Horsley 2, B. Hull tries B. Horsley goal)

COOTAMUNDRA BLUE 36 (C. McPherson 3, L. Hogan, E. Levett, O. McDermott tries C. McPherson 4, L. Hogan goals) defeated KANGAROOS 10 (O. Frazier, T. Frazier tries K. Stubbs goal)

KANGAROOS 20 (O. Frazier 3, T. Frazier tries T. Frazier, K. Stubbs goals) defeated COOTAMUNDRA WHITE 8 (L. Miller 2 goals)

TUMUT 50 (H. Machell 4, b. Poper 4, T. Callone 2, E. Sturt tries B. Piper 2, S. Freeman goals) defeated TUMBARUMBA/BATLOW 8

Junior Results, Round 8: 29th June 2013

Under 15
BROTHERS 46 (N. Hay 3, S. Bramich 2, E. Andrews 2, R. Graham, J. Muir, T. Luff tries N. Hay 3 goals) defeated JUNEE 4

TUMUT 24 (T. Jeffery 2, P Bellette, M. Tozer tries B. Draber 4 goals) drew with ALBURY THUNDER 24 (B. Young 2, C. Barker, S. Kennedy tries A. Young 4 goals)

TURVEY PARK 28 (M. Lyons 3, C. Hodge, L. McBeath, T. Charles tries A. Vickers 2 goals) defeated YOUNG 12 (B. Scott, N. Schiller tries J. Corcoran 2 goals)

TEMORA defeated MAGPIES by forfeit

Under 14
KANGAROOS 28 (J. Downes 2, S. Timothy, M. Burey, B. Foster tries J. Mascini 2, M. Burey, J. Downes goals) defeated BROTHERS 0
Best (Brothers) L. Beard, B. Cain, J. McDonnell

TEMORA 24 (T. Goode 2, J. Stewart 2, G. Pinney tries J. Stewart, R. Wilesmith goals) defeated MAGIES 6 (J. Greenhalgh try C. Smith goal)

TUMUT 24 (B. Gilchrist, L. Arragan, N. Web, J. Dean tries J. Webb 2, J. Dean, B. Johnson goals) defeated ALBURY 20 (B. Meahan 3, D. Kelly tries B. Meahan 2 goals)

TURVEY PARK 18 (C. Atkinson 2, J. Malcom, L. Wright tries J. Siegwalt goal) defeated YOUNG 10 B. Forde, C. Brunton tries C. Hall goal)

Under 13
TUMUT 32 (J. Nolte, D. Weir, J. Bellchambers, J. King, J. Sturt, P. Lee tries E. Ings, D. Weir, R. Green, M. Casey goals) defeated ALBURY 22 (A. Knowles, C. Manley, W. Kelly, D. Waipoori tries M. Fuller, H. Weaven, T. Tuav goals)

TURVEY PARK 34 (M. Morris 3, R. Jolliffe 2, L. Siegwalt, M. Glenning tries J. Little 2, J. Humphries goals) defeated YOUNG 8 (no sheet)

KANGAROOS BLUE 38 (T. Tsipiras 3, M. Fellows 3, J. Flood tries J. Flood 2, T. Tsipiras, H. Beale, M. Fellows goals) defeated MAGPIES 26 (J. Hughes 2, R. Wardman 2, D. Arragon tries R. Wardman, A. Wright, D. Arragon goals)

TUMBARUMBA/BATLOW 36 (J. Williams 3, M. Johns 2, S. Hohua, D. Gromly, A. Johns tries K. Casey, S. Hohua goals) defeated WODONGA 12 (C. Hicks 2, Denholm tries)

BROTHERS 32 defeated JUNEE 28


Under 12

TUMUT 20 (S. Cooper, K. King, M. Schaeffer, H. Clear tries L. Aitkin M. Schaeffer goals) defeated ALBURY 4 (S. Seaton try)

YOUNG 44 (N. Hall 2, J. Baker 2, J. Schiller, T. fletcher, B. Steed, J. Rolfe tries N. Hall, S. Andersen, J. Schiller, C. silk, A. Abbas, J. Rolfe goals) defeated TURVEY PARK 6 (no sheet)

MAGPIES 22 (J. Cobden 3, J. Turner tries K. Flack, J. Turner, J. Westman goals) defeated TEMORA 12 (no sheet)

TUMBARUMBA/BATLOW 32 (M. Roe 2, J. Eccleston, L. Stuenkel, S. Eccleston, L. Wilson tries C. Taylor, J. Hartnett, L. Stuenkel, M. Blanch goals) defeated WODONGA 18

Under 11

BROTHERS 28 (R. Stubbs, W. Hamblin, J. McLachlin, s. Passlow, J. Goolagong tries J. McLachlan, S. Coe, S. Passlow, J. Goolagong goals) defeated JUNEE 6
Best (Brothers) M. McCauley, M. Kellam, S. Coe

TUMUT 40 (P. Groves 3, E. Gilchrist 2, D. Beaven, J. Kell tries D. Beaven, J. Kell, W. King, J. Deudney, E. Day, L. Piper goals) defeated ALBURY 6 (C. Young try C. Kushert goal)

YOUNG 28 (B. Baker 3, C. Coombes, L. Carnley tries H. Fitzpatrick, T. McIllhatton, E. Newham, B. Coombes goals) defeated TURVEY PARK 6 (C. Lyons try and goal)

TEMORA 38 (B. Reardon 2, J. Reardon 2, t. Moroney, D. Robinson, M. O’Rafferty tries T. Moroney, R. Moore, H. Hartwig, D. Robinson, J. Byrnes goals) defeated MAGPIES 0

Under 10
BROTHERS 36 (P. Voss 4, F. Howard 2, R. Fraser, C. Scutti tries Z. Carey, D. Oti goals) defeated JUNEE 18
Best (Brothers) C. Scutti, J. Owens, R. Fraser

TUMUT 28 (H. Lee 3, S. Thomas, E. Gilchrist, T. French tries  S. Thomas, E. Gilchrist goals) defeated KANGAROOS BLUE 0

YOUNG 30 (R. Brownlie 2, M. Noakes 2, C. Corcoran tries D. Maloney, K. Langfield, J. Simpson, J. douglas, M. Noakes goals) defeated TURVEY PARK 6 (no sheet)

MAGPIES 38 (M. Norris 3, M. Hall 2, M. Hardman, J. Stewart, B. Worsencroft tries b. McKinnon, B. Worsencroft, M. Hall goals) defeated TEMORA 0



Under 9
JUNEE 14 defeated BROTHERS 10 (C. Tuilakeba 2 tries J. Cain goal)
Best (Brothers) C. Tuilakeba, J. Cain, J. Oti

TUMUT 64 (H. Ings  4, J. Booby 3, J. Lee 3, J. Roddy, H. Mott tries H. Ings, J. Roddy, J. Booby, J. Lee, B. Freeman, H. Mott, H. Watling goals) defeated KANGAROOS BLUE 12 (T. Schriber, Nick tries Jett McCarthy, A. Richards goals)

TEMORA 50 (no sheet) defeated MAGPIES 22 (t. Rodaway, I. Hardman, E. Sharp, H. Cook tries I Hardman, E. Sharp, H. Cook goals)

Under 8
BROTHERS 28 (R. Armstrong 2, M. Hamblin, J. Connelly, A. Davis tries M. Hamblin, M. Murphy, T. Wederell, A. Davis goals) defeated JUNEE 18

TUMUT 36 (S. Grady 3, T. Deudney 2, L. Rossiter, M. French tries T. Deudney, S. Grady, K. Mott, M. French goals) defeated KANGAROOS BLUE 14 (T. Casnave 2, A. Cornell tries M. Reid goal)

TEMORA 38 (no sheet) defeated MAGPIES 34 (R. Hoare 3, B. Hall 2, F. Wilson, A. Purcell tries F. Wilson, I Hardman, R. Hoare goals)

TURVEY BLUE 22 (B. Ingram 2, J. Putland, J. Grocott tries B. Ingram, S. Roy, P. Goolagong goals) defeated TEMORA 16 (no sheet)

YOUNG 54 (no sheet) defeated TURVEY RED 6 (M. Dixon try & goal)
YOUNG 24 (no sheet) defeated TURVEY BLUE 0

Under 7
JUNEE 30 defeated BROTHERS 16 (B. Maher 3, C. Benson tries)
KANGAROOS BLUE 22 (no sheet) defeated TUMUT 12 (no sheet)

Under 6
BROTHERS RED 28 (C. Kellam 4, Z. Connolly, c. Tuilakeba, R. Salmon tries) defeated JUNEE 16
Best (Brothers) R. Salmon, N. Woodhouse, Z. Connolly

JUNEE 30 defeated BROTHERS GREEN 26 (CJ Kellam 2, J. Forbes, M. Bolton, Kaleei Goolagong, Kalani Goolagong tries C. Tuilakeba goal)
Best (Brothers) J. Forbes, K. Goolagong, B. Helyar

Under 16 League Tag
BROTHERS 32 (B. Horsley 5, H. McDonald tries B. Horsley 4 goals) defeated JUNEE 8

TUMBARUMBA/BATLOW 46 (J. Schmidt 4, E. Kirkman 3, T. Mackenzie, L. Nagengast tries E. Kirkman 5 goals) defeated WODONGA 6 (C. Scott try, K. Caspurn goal)


Under 12 League Tag
BROTHERS 20 (S. Pope 2, C. Junck, H. Oti tries E. Coleman goal) defeated JUNEE 10

TUMUT 20 (P. Duck 2, t. Douglas, M. Lee tries T. Douglas, A. Bird goals) defeated KANGAROOS PURPLE 12 (no sheet)

TURVEY PARK 10 (no sheet) defeated YOUNG 6 (M. Schiller try & goal)

TUMBARUMBA/BATLOW 18 (R. Munday 2, L. Murphy, C. Putland tries L. Edwards goal) defeated WODONGA 16 (L. Edwards 2, C. Cullen tries L. Edwards, J. Fraser goals)


Junior Results: 22nd June 2013

Under 6
YOUNG 30 defeated BROTHERS GREEN 14 (L. Helyar, C. Wood, CJ Kellam tries L. Helyar goal)
Best (Brothers) C. Tuilakeba, CJ Kellam, M. Smith
YOUNG 24 defeated BROTHERS RED 12 (CJ Kellam 3 tries)
Best (Brothers) J. Blowes, L. Anderson, T. Barclay

Under 9
YOUNG 52 defeated BROTHERS 12 (C. Tuilakeba 2 tries, R. Armstrong, J. Pitts goals)
Best (Brothers) J. Pitts, c. Tuilakeba, J. Oti

Under 10
YOUNG 44 (M. Noakes 4, R. Brownie, K. Langield, C. Corcoran, W. Steed tries M Pye, R. Brownie, K. Langfield, J. Sampson, D McInerney M. Noakes goals) defeated BROTHERS 22 (R. McInerney 2, F. Howard, P. Voss tries W. McCormick, R. McInerney, P. Voss goals)
Best (Brothers) F. Howard, Z. Carter, R. McInerney

Under 11
BROTHERS 34 (M. McCauley 2, W. Longmore, R. Stubbs, E. Pitkin, P. Dwyer, c. Chambers tries S. Coe, W. Longmore, S. Passlow goals) defeated YOUNG 12 (L. Carnley, B. Baker tries B. Baker, H. Fitzpatrick goals)
Best (Brothers) P. Dwyer, W. Hamblin, J. Tracey

Under 12
YOUNG 40 (J. Schiller 3, w. Hills 2, J. Baker, J. Lucas tries J. Schiller, N. Hall, J. Lucas, A. Abbas, W. Schiller, W. Hills goals) defeated BROTHERS 4 (T. Lawler try)
Best (Brothers) K. Nimmo, I. McMannus, T. Lawler
TUMUT 44 defeated WODONGA 10

Under 13
YOUNG 30 (J. Langfield 2, E. Brown 2, M. Rolfe, J. Richards tries D. Scott 2, T. Cummins goals) defeated BROTHERS 10 (Max Maher, James Harris tries Jake Murphy goal)
Best (Brothers) Mark Fletcher, Brody Tracey , Harry Ridley
TUMUT 38 defeated WODONGA 10

Under 14
YOUNG 52 (B. Forde 3, B. Bailey 2, K. Tiederman, J. Baker 2, W. Canellis tries K. Tiederman 5, M. Debritt goals) defeated BROTHERS 18 (Z. Leary, B. Cain, J. Matthews tries J. McDonnell 3 goals)
Best (Brothers) J. McDonnell, L. Beard, J. Matthews

Under 15
YOUN 46 (B. Scott, N. Schiller, J. Corcoran, J. Stanley 3, J. Walker, J. Baker tries J. Corcoran 7 goals) defeated BROTHERS 22 (E. Andrews 3, L. Harper tries E. Andrews 2, M. Murphy goals)

Under 16 League Tag
YOUNG 30 (S. Bloor 2, K. Hart 2, Z. Williams, D. Minnick tries Z. Williams 2, K. Hart goals) defeated BROTHERS 12 (B. Horsley, J. Inch tries B. Horsley 2 goals)
TUMUT 42 defeated WODONGA 4

Under 12 League Tag
YOUNG 30 (M. Schiller 4, T. Miller, A. Kells, I. Douglas tries T. Miller goals) defeated BROTHERS 20 (S. Pope 3, O. Jones tries S. Pope 2, C. Junck goals)
Best (Brothers) Shanae Pope, Claire Junck, Lucia Flint
WODONGA STORM defeated TUMUT by forfeit

Junior Results: 15th June 2013

Under 15
TURVEY PARK 24 (M. Lyons 2, C. Hodge, D. Harpley, L. McBeath tries A. Vickers 2 goals) defeated ALBURY THUNDER 6 B. Moras try A. Young goal)

TUMUT 18 (M. Clark 2, J. Dean tries M. Clark 3 goals) defeated KANGAROOS 6 (no sheet)

TEMORA 26 (H. Lomax 2, J. Kelly, L. Skidmore, J. Kostrubic tries J. Kelly 3 goals) defeated BROTHER 18 (L. Harper 2, N. Hay tries N. Hay 3 goals)

Under 14
KANGAROOS 32 (R. Dei, W. Barby, R. Cronin, L. Jolliffe, M. Cawley tries M. Burey 3, W. Barby goals) defeated TUMUT 18 (no sheet)

TURVEY PARK 22 (K. Atkinson 2, T. Little, L. Newbigging tries J. Siegwalt 3 goals) defeated ALBURY 18 (no sheet)

BROTHERS defeated HARDEN/BOOROWA by forfeit

Under 13
ALBURY 24 (D. Waipouri 4, J. Blair tries M.  Fuller, H. Weaven goals) defeated KANGAROOS BLUE 4 (no sheet)
TUMUT 20 (J. Nolte 2, R. Green, J. Sturt tries M. Casey, J. King goals) defeated KANGAROOS RED 8 (E. Perry 2 tries)

TUMBARUMBA/BATLOW 36 (T. Casey 3, M. Johns 2, Z. Stewart tries T. Casey 5, S. Hohua goals) defeated

GUNDAGAI/ADELONG 32 (T. Brooke 3, M. Clark, K. Makeham, J. Elphick tries J. Elphick 2, T. Brooke, B. Maher goals)

TEMORA 54 defeated BROTHERS 0

Under 12
TUMUT 42 (L. Atkinson 3, C. Bellette, J. Hannig, K. King, M. Shaffer 2 tries J. Hannig, M. Shaffer, A. Thomas, G. Luke, W. Booby goals) defeated KANGAROOS 0

TURVEY PARK 14 (R. Weldon 2, L. Siegwalt tries R. Weldon goal) defeated ALBURY 8 (B. Ford 2 tries)

GUNDAGAI/ADELONG 38 (Z. Herring 2, Z. Fairall 2, J. Elhick, T. Cotterill, C. McLennan tries G. Maher, C. Bennett, R. Murray, T. Cotterill, R. Britt goals) defeated TUMBARUMBA/BATLOW 0

BROTHERS 10 (C. Carey 2, J. Cochrane tries J. Cochrane goal) drew with TEMORA 10

Under 11
KANGAROOS 18 (R. Wiedemann 2, C. Brettschneider tries Z. Barnhill, r. Wiedemann, T. Piercy goals) drew with GUNDAGAI 18 (C. Longhurse, M. Smart, M. Dasey tries C. Longhurst, M. Smart, B. Crane goals)

ALBURY THUNDER 24 (C. Young 3, E. Stead tries C. Kuschert 3, t. Mutch goals) defeated TURVEY PARK 18 (C. Parker 2, E. Clancey tries M. Simpson, r. Bourne, R. Kingwill goals)

TUMUT 26 (P. Groves 2, D. Beavan 2, B. Keenan tries R. Coe, J. Deudney, E. Day goals) defeated KANGAROOS RED 18 (S. Harrison 2, t. Zordan tries D. Apps, G. Kelleher, N. Carl goals)

BROTHERS 14 (J. Tracey, S. Passlow, J. Goolagong tries J. McLachlan goal) drew with TEMORA 14

Under 10
TUMUT 24 (E. Gilchrist 4, A. Gregory tries S. Thomas, E. Gilchrist goals) defeated KANGAROOS RED 0

KANGAROOS BLUE 34 (N. Richards, J. Dejong, J. Manley 2, C. Bassett 2, J. Heeney tries J. Dejong, S. Stenning, J. Board goals) defeated TURVEY PARK 0 (no sheet)

BROTHERS 52 (P. Voss 5, D. Oti 2, Z. Carey, N. Harris, R. McInerney, F. Howard tries A. Mone 2, Z. Carey, D. Oti, J. Owens, C. Webster goals) defeated TEMORA 0

Under 9
KANGAROOS WHITE 26 (C. Brose 2, L Naumann, J. Scott, D. Warner tries C. Brose, L. Naumann, J. Scott goals) defeated MAGPIES 10 T. Rodaway, H. Cook tries H. Cook goal)

KANGAROOS RED 18 (T. Edwards, H. Plum, W. McDermott tries W. McDermott, H. Ward, R. Callaghan gaols) defeated TUMUT 12 (J. Booby, J. Lee tries J. Booby, J. Lee goals)

TURVEY PARK RED 20 (D. Jolliffe, P. Cooke, E. Trevaskis, T. Holden tries D. Jolliffe, P. Cooke goals) defeated KANGAROOS BLUE 14 (C. Obst, W. Sibrey, T. Schriber tries J. Cole goal)

TEMORA 52 defeated BROTHERS 14 (C. Tuilakeba 2, J. Pitts tries E. Stubbs

Under 8
KANGAROOS RED 26 (L. Vietch 3, b. O’Reilly, L. Mason tries t. Munn, B. O’Reilly, B. Forge goals) defeated TUMUT 8 (no sheet)

TURVEY PARK RED 16 (T. Pellow 2, L. Trevaskis tries T. Pellow, L. Trevaskis goals) defeated KANGAROOS BLUE 14 (A. Cornell 2, R. Schofield tries T. Casnave goal)

MAGPIES 26 (R. Hoare 2, F. Wilson, I. Hardman, W. Cooper tries F. Wilson, R. Hoare, W. Cooper goals) defeated TURVEY BLUE 10 (B. Ingram 2 tries C. Rath goal)

TEMORA 40 defeated BROTHERS GREEN 16 (X. Moller, T. Chambers, M. Murphy, A. Davis tries X. Moller goal)

Under 7
KANGAROOS RED 26 (C. Wardley 3, B. Dennis, R. Kemp tries C. Wardley, B. Dennis, O. Spackman goals) defeated TUMUT 12 (no sheet)

TURVEY PARK 36  (no sheet) defeated KANGAROOS BLUE 0

Under 6
KANGAROOS RED 24 (H. Keough 4, M. Mescia, C. Plum tries) defeated TUMUT 8 (A. Rossiter, N. Cobden tries)

KANGAROOS BLUE 18 (l. Bradley 3, B. Price tries L. Bradley goal) defeated TURVEY PARK 4 (no sheet)

TEMORA 30 defeated BROTHERS 12 (CJ Kellam 2, M. Bolton tries)

TEMORA 28 defeated BROTHERS 20 (Z. Connolly 3, C. Tuilakeba, CJ Kellam tries)

League Tag

Under 12
KANGAROOS PURPLE 26 (L. Harris, g. Clarke, Z. Meriton, B. McDermott, L. Miles tries Z. Meriton, B. McDermott, L. Harris goals) defeated TURVEY PARK 6 (E. Weldon try & goal)

TUMUT 44 (P. Duck 7, A. Bird, M. Wiggins, M. Lee tries P. Duck 2 goals) defeated KANGAROOS PINK 10 (M. Hiscock, E. Norris tries K. Gilbert goal)

TUMBARUMBA/BATLOW 24 (S. Putland 2, R. Munday 2, M. Bourke, S. Bergin tries) defeated GUNDAGAI/ADELONG 4 (no sheet)

TEMORA 34 defeated BROTHERS 14 (S. Pope, H. Oti, M. Bellgardt tries S. Pope goal)
Best (Brothers) Marni Bellgardt, Mia Wright, Harmany Oti

Under 16
BROTHERS 40 (J. Inch 2, B. Horsley 2, G. Brustolin, E. Kerr, B. Hull tries B. Horsley 6 goals) defeated TEMORA RED 4 (M. Breust try)

TEMORA WHITE 32 (M. Henman 2, B. Madden 2, G. McCabe, B. Slinger tries E. Perrott 3, B. Madden goals) defeated BROTHERS 10 (J. Inch, B. Hayden tries B. Horsley goal)

TUMUT 22 (P. Duck 2, H. Machell 2 tries H. Machell 2, T. Coe goals) defeated KANGAROOS 8 (P. Andrews, O. Frazier tries)

TUMBARUMBA/BATLOW 22 (J. Schmidt, E. Kirkman, V. Kopecny, S. Munday tries E. Kirkman 3 goals) defeated GUNDAGAI/ADELONG 10 (J. Bell 2 tries M. Bullock goal)

Junior Results: 1st June 2013

Under 6
BROTHERS RED 20 (C. Tulakeba 3, N. Woodhouse, Z. Connolly tries) defeated TURVEY PARK 16
Best (Brothers) J. Blowes, C. Tulakeba, T. Barclay

KANGAROOS 20 (C. Plum 2, H. Keough, C. Thomsen, B. Price tries) defeated BROTHERS GREEN 12 (K. Goolagong 2, A. Close tries)
Best (Brothers) Kaleei Goolagong, Aston Close, Milano Bolton

Under 7
TURVEY PARK 22 defeated BROTHERS 20 (B. Maher 2, C. Benson, L. Helyar tries T. Mone, T. McGregor goals)
Best (Brothers) B. Maher, M. Ryan, L. Helyar

Under 8
BROTHERS GREEN 24 (Z. Salmon 2, X. Moller, R. Armstrong, C. Green, Z. Steele tries) defeated TURVEY RED 10 (T. Pellow 2 tries T. Pellow goal)
Best (Turvey) T. Pellow, E. Egan, K. Simpson

TURVEY BLUE 16 defeated BROTHERS RED 6 (J. Bond try P. Goolagong goal)

Under 9
BROTHERS 18 (A. Bolton 3 tries A. Bolton, J. Pitts, P. Ryan goals) defeated TURVEY PARK 8
Best (Brothers) A. Bolton, R. Wales, R. Moller

TURVEY  PARK 42 (P. Cooke 6, D. Jolliffe 2, C. McGinn tries D. Jolliffe, J. Webster, C. McGinn goals)  defeated KANGAROOS 10

Under 10
BROTHERS 34 (P. Voss 4, Z. Carey, A. Mone, F. Howard tries J. Owens, J. Laurent, M. Carter goals) defeated TURVEY PARK 6 (no sheet)```````````````````````````````````````
Best (Brothers) J. Owens, P. Voss, A. Mone

COOTAMUNDRA 48 (J. Maher 3, E. Stewart 2, H. Penrith, J. Ruskin, R. Tooth, C. Howse tries H. Penrith, R. Tooth, J. Maher, A. Simons, I. Tregear goals) defeated TEMORA 6 (L. Woods try B. Thorpe goal)

Under 11
BROTHERS 36 (R. Stubbs 2, W. Hamblin, S. Coe, M. McCauley, W. Longmore, L. Goolagong, J. Ferguson tries J. McLachlan, S. Coe goals) defeated TURVEY PARK 12 (C. Lyons 2 tries M. Sipmson, R. Bourne goals)

TEMORA 10 (J. Reardon, M. O’Rafferty tries D. Robinson goal) defeated COOTAMUNDRA 0

Under 12
TURVEY PARK 32 (L. Siegwalt 4, J. Emerson 2, R. Weldon tries C. Davis, L. Siegwalt goals) defeated BROTHERS 4
TEMORA 16 defeated COOTAMUNDRA 12 (S. Sheahan 2 tries S. Sheahan, Z. Finnigan goals)

Under 13
TURVEY PARK 18 (T. Little 2, C. Atkinson, H. Lestrange, L. Wright, J. Levy, D. Lyons tries J. Siegwalt 2, C. Atkinson goals) defeated BROTHERS 0
Best (Brothers) H. Ridley, T. Metcalfe. B. Tracey

COOTAMUNDRA 10 (J. Bridges, J. Caldwell tries J. Caldwell goal) defeated TEMORA 0

Under 14
TURVEY PARK 34 (no sheet) defeated BROTHERS 10 (D. Hay, L. Beard tries J. McDonnell goal)
Best (Brothers) W. Hamilton, L. Hughes, J. McDonnell

Under 15
BROTHERS 18 (J. Leggatt, R. Graham, E. Reid, R. Flint tries N. Hay goal) defeated TURVEY PARK 8 (M. Mauer, T. Charles tries)
Best (Brothers) J. Leggatt, E. Reid, R. Graham (Turvey) T. Charles, L. McBeath, C. Hodge

TEMORA 24 (J. Kelly 3, J. Oliver 3 tries J. Kelly 5 goals) defeated COOTAMUNDRA 20 (C. Hotston, T. Shepherd, C. Tucker, J. Cronin tries J. Cronin 2 goals)

Under 16 League Tag
COOTAMUNDRA WHITE 36 (K. Hogan 3, C. McPherson 2, M. Sheahan, Z. Armstrong tries C. McPherson 4 goals) defeated TEMORA WHITE 4 (S. Denzel try)

COOTAMUNDRA BLUE 26 (L. Miller 2, M. Duncombe, M. Noak, H. England tries G. Biddulph, B. Thompson, L. Miller goals) defeated TEMORA WHITE 12 (H. Mills, A. Mills, D. Cole tries)

TEMORA RED 28 (M. Henman 2, J. Woods, H. Henman, B. Madden tries E. Perrott 3 goals) defeated COOTAMUNDRA BLUE 8 (C. McPherson, K. Hogan tries)

TEMORA RED 48 (B. Madden 3, M. Gaynor 2, M. Henman 2, E. McKenzie, J. Bischard tries E. Perrott 6 goals) defeated COOTAMUNDRA WHITE 0

KANGAROOS 22 (B. Frazier 2, O. Frazier, T. Winbank 2 tries O. Fras) defeated BROTHERS 10 (B. Horsley, D. Smith tries B. Horsley goal)
Best (Kangaroos) A. Zurbo, B. Frazier, T. Winbank (Brothers) B. Hull, B. Hayden, B. Bellgardt

Under 12 League Tag
BROTHERS 10 (S. Pope, C. Junck tries S. Pope goal) def TURVEY PARK 8 (L. Kennedy, E. Weldon tries)
Best (Brothers) E. Campbell, H. Kellam. E. Coe

TEMORA 24 (P. Bushell 2, M. McCrone 2, C. Trindall, H. McRea tries) defeated COOTAMUNDRA 4 (C. Doolan try)


Group 9 JRL (Northern & Southern Divisions)

Parramore Park, Wagga Wagga 25th May

Under 6
BROTHERS GREEN 24 (C. Kellam 2, M. Bolton, K. Goolagong, K. Goolagong, A. Close tries) def KANGAROOS BLUE 16 (L. Bradley, C. Mescia, H. Keough, C. Plum tries)
KANGAROOS BLUE 20 (L. Bradley 2, H. Keough 2, C. Plum tries) def BROTHERS RED 8 (

Under 7
BROTHERS 26 (B. Maher 2, J. Maher, C. Wood tries C. Benson goal) def KANGAROOS RED 4 (B. Dennis try)
Best (Roos) T. Dixon, T. Spackman, R. Kemp
BROTHERS 18 () def KANGAROOS BLUE 10 (L. Cole, R. Middleton tries L. Cole goal)

Under 8
BROTHERS GREEN 18 (J. Cain 2, X. Moller, R. Armstrong tries D. Young goal) def KANGAROOS BLUE 10 (b. Haines, L. Barnhill tries F. Medina goal)
BROTHERS RED 22 (K. Hamblin, M. Murphy, T. Chambers, J. Bond tries M. Murphy, P. Goolagonog, J. Connelly goals) def KANGAROOS RED 18 (b. Gorge, T. Munn 2 tries I. Buchanan, B. OReilly, B. Forge goals)

Under 9
KANGAROOS WHITE 38 (B. Kelly 2, J. Scott 2, L. Nauman 2, C. Brose tries I Lofts, N. O’Connor, J. Wood, B. Kelly, A. Curry goals) def BROTHERS 0
KANGAROOS RED 28 (W. McDermott 2, R. Callaghan, H. Plumb tries L. Richens, W. McDermott, R. Callaghan, H. Ward goals) def KANGAOOS WHITE 18 (L. Haines, J. Cochrane, J. Cole tries C. Obst, J. Cochrane, B. Harmer goals)

Under 10
KANGAROOS RED 24 (J. Piercy 2, C. McInerney, B. Robbins tries J. Buttifant, J. McLeoad, C. Pavitt goals) def KANGAROOS BLUE 6 (J. Hugler try L., Fellows goal)

Under 11
KANGAROOS 30 (C. Stubbs 2, S. Harrison 2, B. Carrol, G. Kelleher tries G. Kelleher, D. Apps, T. Cotterill goals) def ALBURY 6 (l. Tepairi try S. Touo goal)

Under 12
BROTHERS 66 (J. Cochrane 3, H. Davis 2, T. Lawler, C. Longmore, K. Van Leirop, I. McMannus, C. Carey, W. Longmore, W. Hamblin tries T. Lawler, J. Skaines, H. Davis, J. McLachlan, E. Willis, K. Van Leirop, C. Carey, J. Cochrane, W. Hamblin goals) def WODONGA STORM 6 (J. Stubbs try J. Wainwright goal)
ALBURY 34 (B. Ford 4, S. Seaton, M. Keen tries B. Ford, J. Capewell, H. Keatings, T. Close, J. Wiscombe goals) def KANGAROOS RED 18 (s. Bailey 2, H. Stenning tries C. Simpson, H. Stenning, H. Reynolds goals)

Under 13
KANGAROOS RED 16 (S. Cooper, L. Maslin, E. Perry, C. Macdonald tries) def ALBURY 10 (D. Waipouri 2 tries E. Burge goal)
KANGAROOS BLUE 32 (H. Beale 3, L. Cramp 2, T. Tsipiras tries T. Tsipiras 3, J. Flood goals) def WODONGA STORM 10 (C. Hicks 2 tries R. Clegg goal)

Under 14
TUMUT 20 (A. Knox, B. Johnson, N. Webb, O. Clear tries N. Webb 2 goals) def BROTHERS 4 (T. Williams try)
MAGPIES 14 (B. Harmer, Z. Phelps try W. Herring 3 goals) def TURVEY PARK 4 (T. Little try)
KANGAROOS 26 (R. Cronin 2, M. Burey, M. Cawley, B. Foster tries H. Fitzsimmons 2, W. Barby goal) def ALBURY 6 (J. Hampton try & goal)

Under 15
BROTHERS 68 (M. McTaggart 3, L. Harper 3, P. Huntly 2, R. Flint 2, J. Leggatt, E. Mackenzie, R. Graham, H. Lecerf tries M. McTaggart 5, M. Murphy goals) def WODONGA LIGHT 0
KANGAROOS 24 (C. Meyers, B. Board, A. Burns, D. Busia, C. McRea tries B. Hickey, A. Burns goal) def ALBURY GREEN 16 (S. Williams, K. Ford, D. Dobson tries S. Webb, S. Kennedy goal)
TUMUT 26 (B. Casey 2, J. Luke 2, H. Stevenson tries B. Draber 3 goals) def WODONGA DARK 10 (A. Greenwood, T. Holmes tries S. McAllese goal)

Girls League Tag

Under 16
BROTHERS 44 (b. Horsley 4, D. Smith 4, J. Inch tries B. Horsley 4 goals) def WODONGA STORM 6 (C. Scott try K. Casburn goal)

Under 12
KANGAROOS PUPRPLE 26 (H. Spackman, K. Sibrey, L. McIntyre, G. Elliott, I. Wurtz, L. Harris tries I. Wurtz goals) def KANGAROOS PINK 10 (G. Holbrook , T. Bryce tries G. Holbrook goal)
BROTHERS 30 (E. Coleman 2, E. Campbell 2, C. Junck, H. Kellam, S. Pope tries E. Coleman goal) def WODONGA 22 (C. Cullen 2, S. Clegg 2, L. Edwards tries J. Fraser goal)


Group 9 JRL Northern Pool: 18th May 2013

Under 15
YOUNG 58 (J. Stanley 4, J. Corceran 2, B. Scott, N. Schiller, J. Walker, S. Norton tries J. Corceran 8, J. Hardy goals) def TUMUT 4 (M. Clarke try)
Under 14
TEMORA 32 (M. McKenzie 3, B. Haddrill, D. Fisher, M. Stimson tries M. Stimson 4 goals) def BROTHERS 18 (M. Grundy 2, D. Hay, J. Richards treis Z. Leary goal)
Best (Brothers) M. Wadley, J. McDonnell, T. Williams
YOUNG 28 (B. Bailey 2, J. Baker 2, W. Canellis tries K. Tiedemann 4 goals) def TUMUT 18 (J. Dean 2, J. King tries J. Dean 3 goals)
Under 13
COOTAMUNDRA 26 (W. Parker 3, J. Doyle, M. Khagge, J. Bridge tries J. Caldwell goal) def BROTHERS 10 (T. Metcalf, K. Stevens tries J. Murphy goal)
Best (Brothers) K. Stevens, B. Tracey, J. Murphy
Under 12
COOTAMUNDRA 18 (S. Sheahan 4 tries S. Sheahan goal) def BROTHERS 16 (T. Lawler, K. Van Lierop, J. Cochrane tries K. Van Lierop, K. Nimmo goals)
YOUNG 22 (no sheet) def TUMUT 4 (M. Vaughan try W. King goal)
Under 11
BROTHERS 38 (W. Longmore 3, R. Stubbs, M. Kellam, S. Coe, M. McCauley tries J. McLachlan, S. Coe, H. Luff, W. Longmore, J. Goolagong goals) def COOTAMUNDRA 0
Best (Brothers) M. McCauley, W. Longmore, R. Stubbs
Under 10
BROTHERS 24 (P. Voss 3, R. McInerney 2 tries R. Norton-Fraser, J. Owens goals) def COOTAMUNDRA 10 (no sheet)
Best (Brothers) Z. Carey, J. Laurent, M. Carter
TUMUT 12 (E. Gilchrist 2, H. Lee tries) def YOUNG 4 (M. Noakes try)
Under 9
COOTAMUNDRA WHITE 26 (no sheet) def MAGPIES 14 (H. Cook, E. Sharp, C. Westman tries H. Cook goal)
Best (Magpies) R. Cowan, E. Sharp, C. Westman
COOTAMUNDRA BLUE 12 (no sheet) 12 def KANGAROOS BLUE 10 (L. Haines 2 tries L. Haines goal)
KANGAROOS WHITE 28 (C. Brose 3, A. Curry 2 tries C. Brose, L. Newman, A. Curry, d. Warner goals) def COOTAMUNDRA WHITE 26 (no sheet)
KANGAROOS RED 32 (H. Plum 4, W. McDermott 2 goals H. Plum, J. Street, J. Lees, R. Callaghan goals) def GUNDAGAI/ADELONG 12 (C. Smith, A. Baker tries C. Smith, C. Bullock goals)
YOUNG 18 def TUMUT 16 (J. Booby, H. Mott, B. Ferguson tries J. Booby, H. Mott goals)
Under 8
BROTHERS RED 30 (R. Armstrong 2, J. Bond 2, N. Wetherill, X. Moller treis J. Cain, J. Connelly, M. Murphy goals) def COOTAMUNDRA 18 (no sheet)
COOTAMUNDRA 32 (no sheet) def BROTHERS GREEN 22 (M. Hamblin 2, J. Bond, T. Chambers, R. Armstrong tries A. Davis goal)
Best (Brothers) M. Hamblin, A. Davis, T. Chambers
YOUNG 42 def TUMUT 0
Under 7
BROTHERS 28 (B. Maher 3, C. Benson , J. Maher, M. Ryan tries c. Benson, J. Maher goals) def COOTAMUNDRA WHITE 14 (no sheet)
BROTHERS 38 (C. Benson 4, C. Chambers, b. Maher, M. Ryan, C. Wood tries C. Benson, B. Maher, C. Wood goals) def COOTAMUNDRA BLUE 6 (no sheet)
YOUNG 26 def TUMUT 24 (C. French 2, S. Ferguson, A. Rossiter tries A. Rossiter goal)
Under 6
BROTHERS GREEN 18 (C. Kellam, Z. Connolly, M. Bolton, K. Goolagong tries K. Goolagong goal) def COOTAMUNDRA 8 (no sheet)
Best (Brothers) Kaleei Goolagong, M. Bolton, Kaelani Goolagong
COOTAMUNDRA 32 (no sheet) def BROTHERS RED 8 (C. Tuilakeba 2 tries)
YOUNG 28 def TUMUT 16 (R. Mott, B. Edmonston, S. Ferguson, T. Dowell tries

Girls League Tag

Under 12
COOTAMUNDRA 32 (A. McClintock 3, M. Clark 2, C. Manwaring, a. England, G. Heggton tries) def BROTHERS 22 (S. Phope 4, E. Coe tries H. Oti goal)
YOUNG 24 (M. Browlie 2, E. Croker 2, . Harden, M. Schiller tries) def TUMUT 20 (T. Douglas 2, A. Bird, T. Douglas, M. Lee tries)
Under 16
BROTHERS 26 (B. Horsley 5 tries B. Horsley 3 goals) def COOTAMUNDRA WHITE 8 (A. Guthrie, L. Miller tries)
Best (Brothers) B. Horsley, C. Pitts, D. Smith
COOTAMUNDRA BLUE 18 (S. Churchill 2, L. Hogan tries C. McPherson 2 goals) def TUMBARUMBA/BATLOW 6 V. Kopecny try E. Kirkman goal)
YOUNG 16 (H. Clarke, T. Silk, S. Dawe, N. Smith tries) def TUMUT 12 (J. Day, S. Freeman, E. Sturt tries)


Group 9 JRL Southern Pool: 18th May 2013

Under 15
WODONGA STORM 40 (A. Greenwood 2, s. Davidson 3, B. Bradbury 2, M. Bishop tries A. Greenwood 3, C. Heald goals) def MAGPIES 8 (M. Gardiner 2 tries)
Best (Wodonga) M. Bishop W. Gromshaw, T. Holmes
ALBURY THUNDER GREEN 44 (S. Webb, J. Carroll, J. Kitt, B. Morass, B. Young 2, D. Dobson, K. Ford tries A. Young 6 goals) def ALBURY THUNDER BLUE 20 (J. Bates 2, M. Rodwell, J. Dodd tries T. Robertson, J. Bates goals)
KANGAROOS 60 (A. Carl 3, D. Busch, M. Smith, N. Leary, C. Lovell, A. Burns, K. Foster, N. McAuliffe, H. Lihou treis B. Hickey 2, C. Lovell 2, A. Carl, M. Smith, A. Burns goals) def WODONGA STORM 12 (B. James, A. McCowan, J. Kenny tries)
Under 14
KANGAROOS 38 (W. Barby, M. Cawley, M. Burey, J. Mascini, s. Senior, R. Cronin, C. Bishard, S. Timothy tries H. Fitzsimmons, J. Mascini, M. Burey goals) def MAGPIES 0
Best (Roos) M. Cawley, s. Timothy, M. Burey (Magpies) K. Campbell, J. Shepherd, T. Puckeridge
TEMORA 32 (M. McKenzie 3, B. Haddrill, D. Fisher, M. Stimson tries M. Stimson 4 goals) def BROTHERS 18 (M. Grundy 2, D. Hay, J. Richards treis Z. Leary goal)
Best (Brothers) M. Wadley, J. McDonnell, T. Williams
Under 13
TUMBARUMBA/BATLOW 22 (no sheet) def MAGPIES 12 (D. Arragon, J. Hughes tries D. Arragon 2 goals)
Best (Magpies) J. Cobden, J. Turner. D. Aarogon
TUMUT 32 (D. Weir 2, J. Nolte 2, R. Stuckey, T. Hickson, J. King tries T. Hickson, J. King goals) def KANGAROOS BLUE 22 (L. Cramp 2, A. Board, M. Fellows tries T. Tsipiras, J. Flood, S. Sibrey goals)
ALBURY 16 (D. Waipouri 2, D. Twyford treis H. Weaven, T. Taua goals) def GUNDAGAI/ADELONG 12 (B. Maher, T. Brooke, K. Makeham tries)
KANGAROOS RED 68 (C. Macdonald 3, S. Cooper 2, B. Weeden 2, L. Maslin 2, Z. Delaney 2, E. Perry 2, J. Newling, S. McGowan tries S. Cooper, B. Tyrom goals) def WODONGA STORM 4 (C. Hicks try)
Under 12
MAGPIES 40 (K. Flack, B. Pollack, J. Cobden, L. Peisley, H. Kreuzer, J. White, C. Hurst tries J. Outrem, K. Flack, B. Pollack, J. cobden, K. Huxtable, J. White goals) def TUMBARUMBA/BATLOW 6
Best (Magpies) J. Goldthorpe, J. Outrem, J. Turner (Tumba) M. blanch, L. Stuenkel, J. Hartnett
GUNDAGAI/ADELONG 26 (B. Hay 2, J. Elphick, G. Maher, C. Wilson tries) def ALBURY 4 (B. Ford try)
KANGAROOS 54 (B. Saunders 3, L. Read 2, J. Gilber, C. Simpson, J. Wykes 2, W. Parnell, C. Hare , J. Mills tries L. Reiad, C. Simpson, T. Coote goals) def WODONGA STORM 4 (B. Douch try)
Under 11
KANGAROOS 52 (W. McGowan 4, B. Pembleton 2, C. Brettschneider, R. Wiedermann, B. Cronin, C. Rosengren tries C. Munn, M. Vietch, H. Wakefield, B. Cronin, C. Rosengren, . Piercy goals) def MAGPIES 0
Best (Roos) M. Vietch, B. Cronin, C. Rosengren
GUNDAGAI/ADELONG 32 (B. Luff 2, K. Berg, D. Maker, J. Maher, M. Dasey 3 tries) def ALBURY 4 (C. Young try)
Under 10
GUNDAGAI/ADELONG 32 (J. Hay 3, O. Bartlett, C. Smart, J. Lloyd tries J. Hay, R. Bethune, J. Flanagan, B. Lanyon goals) def KANGAROOS BLUE 10 (L. Fellows, J. Heeney tries L. Fellows goal)
Best (Gundagai) J. Hay, R.. Bethune, C. Smart
MAGPIES 26 (J. Godden 3, B. Worsencroft 2, C. Wiegold tries B. Worsencroft goal) def TUMBARUMBA/BATLOW 22 (no sheet)
Best (Magpies) J. Gooden, B. Worsen, M. Norris
KANGAROOS RED 92 (B. Robbins 3, J. Newbigging 2, C. Wykes 3, J. Piercy 2, J. Buttifant, L. Fitzhenry, W. Hurst, T. Parr, T. Rosengren, C. McInerney, C. Pavitt, J. McLeoad troes J. Piercy 2, J. butifant, L. Fitzhenry, B. Robbins, W. Hurst, C. McInerney, C. Pavitt, J. McLeod goals) def WODONGA 0
Best (Roos) T. Rosengren, C. McInerney, C. Pavitt
Under 9
KANGAROOS WHITE 28 (C. Brose 3, A. Curry 2 tries C. Brose, L. Newman, A. Curry, d. Warner goals) def COOTAMUNDRA WHITE 26 (no sheet)
KANGAROOS RED 32 (H. Plum 4, W. McDermott 2 goals H. Plum, J. Street, J. Lees, R. Callaghan goals) def GUNDAGAI/ADELONG 12 (C. Smith, A. Baker tries C. Smith, C. Bullock goals)
TUMBARUMBA/BATLOW 32 (D. Kopecny 2, C. Minogue 2, R. Smith 2 treis Z. McCarthy, P. Hussell, C. Minogue, D. Taylor goals) def MAGPIES 26 (no sheet)
Under 8
KANGAROOS BLUE 20 (A. Cornell 2, J. Wilson, R. Schofield tries A. Cornell, J. Wilson goals) def KANGAROOS RED 16 (L. Vietch, T. Munn F. Kennedy tries B. Forge, R. O’Reilly goals)
Under 7
KANGAROOS BLUE 20 (J. Lucas 2, J. Clarke 2, R. Heine tries) drew with KANGAROOS RED 20 (C. Wardley 3, T. Spackman, R. Kemp tries)
Best (Roos Blue) J. Lucas, J. Newton, H. Elliott (Roos Red) N Addison, C. Thomas, T. Crawford
TUMBARUMBA/BATLOW 12 (D. Crane, A. Smith, J. Ovenden tries) def MAGPIES 8 (B. Dowling 2 tries)
Best (Tumba) T. Duffy, D. Gordon, J. Ovenden

Girls League Tag

Under 12
KANGAROOS PURPLE 54 (Z Meriton 3, L. Harris 2, I Wurtz tries B. McDermott, L. McIntyre, G. Clarke, G. Elliott tries H. Spackman 2, Z. Meriton, B. McDermott goals) def TUMBARUMBA/BATLOW 0
Best (Roos) Zahli Meriton, Lauren Harris, Meg Senior
TUMBARUMBA/BATLOW 22 (G. Murphy 3, L. Edwards 2 tries J. Schmidt goal) def GUNDAGAI/ADELONG 8 (no sheet)
WODONGA STORM 36 (L. Edwards 4, C. Cullen 3, E. Longhorn tries S. Clegg, L. Edwards goals) def KANGAROS PING 28 (a. Hiscock 2, C. Burton 2, M. Hiscock, G. Holbrook, E. Norris tries)
Under 16
COOTAMUNDRA BLUE 18 (S. Churchill 2, L. Hogan tries C. McPherson 2 goals) def TUMBARUMBA/BATLOW 6 V. Kopecny try E. Kirkman goal)
KANGAROOS 60 (O. Frazier 4, T. Frazier 6, B. Frazier 3, P. Andrews, G. Tschirn tries) def WODONGA 12 (C. Scott 2, I. Voncina tries)

Next Week:  Parramore Park, Wagga Wagga

Under 6
Under 7
Under 8
Under 9
Under 10
Under 11
KANGAROOS RED v ALBURY (Weissel, 12 noon)
KANGAROOS BLUE v TUMUT (Staunton, 12 noon)
Under 12
KANGAROOS RED v ALBURY (Sterling, 11 am)
BROTHERS v WODONGA (Mortimer, 11 am)
Under 13
KANGAROOS v ALBURY (Sterling, 12 noon)
KANGAROOS BLUE v WODONGA (Mortimer, 12 noon)
Under 14
BROTHERS v TUMUT  (Mortimer, 1.05 pm)
KANGAROOS v ALBURY (Sterling, 1.05 pm)
TURVEY PARK v MAGPIES (Sterling, 1.05 pm)
Under 15
BROTHERS v WODONGA LIGHT (Mortimer, 2.10 pm)
KANGAROOS v ALBURY (Sterling, 2.10 pm)
WODONGA DARK v TUMUT (Martin, 2.10 pm)
Turvey Park travel to Cootamundra
Magpies travel to Gundagai
Duty Club: Brothers (22 games)

Junior Results Week 2: 11th May 2013

Under 6
Best (Brothers) C. Tuilakeba, R. Salmon, M. Bolton
HARDEN 24 def BROTHERS 12 (CJ Kellam 2, Z. Connolly tries)
Best (Brothers) Z. Connolly, N. Woodhouse, B. Heylar

TURVEY PARK 24 def JUNEE GOLD 4 (A. McInerney try)
JUNEE BLUE 26 (L. Judd 3, C. Vanzanten 2, M. Fletcher tries C. Vanzanten goal) def TURVEY PARK 12

Under 7
JUNEE 22 (L. field 2, A. McGregor, J. Allen, A. Ramsay tries J. Allen goal) def TURVEY PARK 10

Under 8
HARDEN/BOOROWA 26 def BROTHERS 16 (J. Bond 2, R. Armstrong, M. Hamblin tries)
TURVEY RED 18 (D. Shawn, T. Pellow, M. Dixon tries D. Shawn T. Pellow, M. Dixon goals) def JUNEE 14 (T. Walker 2, E. Crozier tries K. Hindmarsh goal)
TURVEY BLUE 32 (J. Putland 3, J. Simpson, B. Ingram, T. Wright tries J. Jarret, J. simpson, T. Wright goals) def JUNEE 4 (E. Crozier try)

Under 9
BROTHERS 42 (E. Stubbs 2, J. Pitts 2, C. Tuliaeba 2, P. Ryan, J Oti tries J. Oti, M. Stanley, R. Wales, J. Pitts, P. Ryan goals) def HARDEN/BOOROWA 10
Best (Brothers) P. Ryan, F. Cummins, J. Cain
JUNEE 30 (J. McCarthy 2, J. Orr 2, S. Sainsbury, K. Wright tries, J. Orr, J. McCarthy, K. Wright goals) def TURVEY PARK 12
JUNEE 32 (K. Wright 3, J. Orr 2, B. Linsell tries b. Linsell, N. McInerney, J. Crowder, D. Makeham goals) def TURVEY PARK 8 (P. Cooke, C. McLinn tries)

Under 10
BROTHERS 28 (P. Voss 4, A. Mone tries A. Mone, A. Goolagong, D. Oti goals) def HARDEN/BOOROWA 22
Best (Brothers) R. Fraser, A. Mone, F. Howard
TURVEY PARK 26 (A. Conlan 2, C. Dixon 2, M. Mattingly tries P. Knox-Wright, M. Mattingly, L. Walford goals) drew with JUNEE 26
KANGAROOS 24 (B. Robbins 2, B. Buttifant, w. Hurst, J.  Piercy tries J. Newbigging, W. Hurst goals) def COOTAMUNDRA 6 (B. Thorn try R. Tooth goal)

Under 11
TURVEY PARK 32 (M. Simpson 3, C. Lyons 3, J. Atkinson tries R. Kingwill, R. Bourne goals) def JUNEE 18 (L. Moon 2, R. Maxwell tries B. Sainsbury, J. Whiles, L. Moon goals)
COOTAMUNDRA 14 (S. Benson, H. Ward, B. Kelleher tries B. Kelleher goal) def KANGAROOS 12 (C. Stubbs, S. Harrison tries B. Jones, N. Carl goal)

Under 12
KANGAROOS 16 (S. Bailey 2, C. Hare tries C. Simpson, H. Reynolds goal) def COOTAMUNDRA 14 (D. Woodhead, S. Sheahan, M. Cameron tries S. Sheahan goal)

Under 13
BROTHERS 52 (J. Harris 3, K. Stevens 3, B Tracey 2, J. Anderson, M. Maher tries J. Harris, C. Cook, J. Murphy, B. Tracey, K. Stevens, T. Lawler goals) def HARDEN/BOOROWA 8
Best (Brothers) Jamin Anderson, Max Maher, Cody Cook
TURVEY PARK 32 (J. Ladbury, R. Jolliffe, B. O’Brien, T. whitley, T. McLachlan, L. Siegwalt 2 tries M. Morris, L. Siegwalt goals) def JUNEE 20
COOTAMUNDRA won by forfeit from KANGAROOS

Under 14
HARDEN/BOOROWA 34 def BROTHERS 4 (L. Beard try)
Best (Brothers) B. Cain, I. Waters, B. McLean

Under 15
BROTHERS 28 (R. Graham, R. Flint, J. Muir, L. Harper, P. Huntly tries N. Hay 2, J. Leggatt, L. Harper goals) def HARDEN/BOOROWA 22
Best (Brothers) R. Graham, J. Leggatt, L. Harper

Junior Results Week 1: 5th May 2013

Under 6
BROTHERS 44 (C. Kellam 3, N. Woodhouse 2, J. Connolly 2, C. Tuilakeba, M. Bolton, M. Smith, K. Goolagong tries) def JUNEE 32

Under 7
BROTHERS 26 (C. Benson 2, B. Maher 2, T. McGregor tries C. Benson goal) def JUNEE 22 (L. Field 2, J. Allen, J. O’Regan tries J. Allen goal)

Under 8

JUNEE 16 (W. Field, T. Walker, E. Crozier tries W. Field, E. Crozier goals) def BROTHERS 14 (J. Bond 2, M. Hamblin tries M. Hamblin goal)
Best (Brothers) A. Davis, J. Bond, N. Wetherill

Under 9

JUNEE 22 (J. Orr, S. Sainsbury, K. Wright, B. Linsell tries b. Linsell, S. Sainsbury, K. Wright goals) def BROTHERS 16 (J. Oti, J. Cain, C. Tuilakeba tries E. Stubbs, C. Tuilakeba goals)
Best (Brothers) C. Tuilakeba, P. Ryan, J. Passlow

Under 10

BROTHERS 40 (P. Voss 2, C. Scutti 2, A. Goolagong, R. McInerney, W. McCormick, F. Howard tries R. McInerney, D. Oti, A. Mone, J. Owens goals) def JUNEE 4
Best (Brothers) P. Voss, R. McInerney, A. Goolagong

Under 11

BROTHERS 68 (J. McLachlan 4, R. Stubbs 3, L. Goolagong 2, W. Hamblin, C. Chambers, S. Passlow, M. McCauley, J. Ferguson tries R. Stubbs, E. Pitkin, J. McLachlan, S. Passlow, M. McCauley 2, L. Goolagong, J. Goolagong goals) def JUNEE 0
Best (Brothers) J. Tracey, w. Hamblin, J. Goolagong

Under 12
Brothers Bye

Under 13
BROTHERS 26 (K. Stevens 2, B. Tracey 2, S. Brustolin tries S. Brustolin, J. Murphy 2 goals) def JUNEE 22 (N. Sainsbury 3, C. Buck tries B. Ashcroft 3 goals)
Best (Brothers) K. Stevens, B. Tracey, J. Murphy (Junee) S. Heffernan, N. Sainsbury, D. Jackson

Under 14

KANGAROOS 46 (M. Cawley 3, H. Fitzsimmons 2, S. Senior, B. Foster, J. Downes, M. Fellows tries H. Fitzsimmons 2, J. Mascini 2, M. Fellows goals) def BROTHERS 4 (M. Grundy try)
Best (Roos) M. Cawley, B. Foster, H. Fitzsimmons

Under 15

BROTHERS 74 (N. Hay 5, M. McTaggart 2, S. Bramich 2, R. Flint 2, R. Graham, J. Leggatt, L. Harper tries N. Hay 8, J. Leggatt goals) def JUNEE 0
Best (Brothers) R. Flint, M. McTaggart, N. Hay

League Tag

Under 12
BROTHERS 36 (S. Pope 4, M. Reid 2, O. Jones, H. Oti, M. Bellgardt tries) def JUNEE 24 (C. Guinan 2, K. Duck 2, M. Deacon tries C. Guinan 2 goals)
Best (Brothers) s. Pope, M. Reid, O. Jones (Junee)D. Jackson, T. Takarlia, M. Deacon

Under 16
BROTHERS 50 (D. Smith 4, B. Horsley 3, E. Kerr, H. McDonald, C. Laurent tries B. Horsley 4, D. Smith goals) def JUNEE 10 (L. Smith, E. Guinan tries L. Smith goal)
Best (Brothers) Darcie Smith, Bridget Horsley, Emma Kerr

Next Week: 11th May our Club travels to BOOROWA to play the Harden/Boorowa teams.



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