2019 New Season Polo Shirts

New polo shirts fresh for the 2019 season are now availble for online purchase through Hunters Newsagency.

Follow the link, order and pay for your Polo shirt then you can just drop into Hunters any time and pick up the Polo. You can pay a postage fee and have the polo delivered to your addres if you choose.




Brothers Seniors: 2018 Team Photos




Under 16 (Sullivan Cup)

2018 Presentation

Brothers 2018 Group 9 Draw

Complete Group 9 Draw 2018


2018 Senior Club Player Registrations

Senior Club Registrations

Registrations for players and coach/volunteers are now open for 2018. If you wish to play for Brothers in 2018 and are in Under 16 (Sullivan Cup), Under 18 (Weissel Cup), Senior Men or Senior Womens League Tag we request you register and pay online as soon as possible

2018 SENIOR Players Registration Form

2018 SENIOR CLUB Coach/Volunteer Registrations Form

Junior Club Registrations

Brothers Juniors need to register and pay using the Junior Club Registrations Forms.

Male JUNIORS Players range in age from 5 though to Under 15 years.
Female JUNIOR League Tag players range from Under 8 through to Under 16 years.

2018 JUNIOR Players Registion Form

2018 JUNIOR CLUB Coach/Volunteer Registration Form

PLEASE NOTE: If the last Rugby League Club you played for was NOT Brothers Juniors or Seniors than you need to request and online clearance BEFORE trying to register for 2018.

To request a clearance email your Surname, Date of Birth, Email, Mobile to seniors@brothers.com.au or juniors@brothers.com.au depending on if you are a senior or junior player.


2017 Presentation Night Awards

First Grade

First Grade Best & Fairest: James Hay

First Grade Runner Up B & F: Connor McCauley

First Grade Players Player: Aaron Wynne

First Grade Coaches Award: Harold Kirby

Reserve Grade

Reserve Grade Best & Fairest: Mitch Murphy

Reserves Runner up B & F: Alex Pirie

Reserves Players Player: Alex Pirie

Reserves Coaches Award: Mitch Murphy

League Tag

League Tag Best & Fairest: Madison Absolum

League Tag Runner Up B & F: Sarah Carter

League Tag Players Player: Gab Suckling

League Ta g Coaches Award: Bridget Suckling

Weissel Cup

Weissel Cup Best & Fairest: Brad Cain

Weissel Cup Runner Up Best & Fairest: Jackson Newling

Weissel Cup Players Player: Jackson Newling

Weissel Cup Coaches Award: Kaden Roberts

Club Awards

Best Defensive Player: Liam Carey

Most Courageous Player: Aaron Wynne

Rookie of the Year: Lachie Harper

Best Junior Progressing to Grade: Brad Cain

Clubperson of the Year: Joe Leggatt

Outstanding Service Award: Sarah Carter & Bob Hay

Family Achievement Award: Absolum Family

Club Life Membership: Zac Wilson & Ryan Inglis

Golden Water Boy: Tubby Suckling

Wombat of the year: Terry Westblade

Machine of the year: Gabby Suckling





Liberty From Violence

Liberty From Violence is a newly formed charity in Wagga Wagga. We are a registered and incorporated charity with a mission to assist victims of domestic violence in ways that are currently not supported or are difficult to fund through traditional channels. 

In 2012 the staff at the Mercure Hotel in Wagga Wagga commenced a Christmas gift collection for the children of Domestic Violence victims in refuges across Wagga Wagga. Each year we have grown that effort to now include other businesses by placing a Christmas tree in their customer area and asking their consumers to donate. Last year, 2016 was our best year to date and we will continue to grow this part of our charity work to include Easter and Mothers Day for 2017. 

Early this year, 2016, the organisers of the Christmas charity decided that we could do more than just Christmas gifts and decided to create and register a charity for the express purpose of helping victims of domestic and family violence in Wagga Wagga and the local region.

We have determined that our role is one of raising community awareness and fund raising and that our available funds should be directed to try and fill gaps in the current system. We hope to identify those gaps by communicating with agency’s providing services in this sector and when appropriate and available, provide funds. By liaising with local police and schools we are also identifying opportunities to bring domestic violence education programs to young people in our community.

The main beneficiary of the funds raised by us will be victims of domestic violence through unique initiatives and through not for profit organisations providing support for victims of domestic or family violence, namely single women, women with children and youths. 

Our vision is to support local refuges by providing them with funds for much needed items such as their situation requires and that are unobtainable through their normal funding channels. 

We are also building a bank of funds for the express purpose of emergency relief to victims of family violence to help them avoid returning to a violent situation. The funds will be available on short notice and provide for travel, food or clothing vouchers, mobile phones or other items as deemed urgent by the requesting service, providing that they are unable to obtain those funds through their own agency, or, that a time delay in providing those funds means that a woman would return to a volatile situation.


Players Code of Conduct & Social Media Policy

Please take some time to review our Members/Players Code of Conduct and our clubs Social Media Policy

|| Members Code of Conduct || Social Media Policy ||


Brothers Seniors: 2018 Team Photos




Under 16 (Sullivan Cup)



Brothers Seniors: 2017 Team Photos




Under 18 (Weissel Cup)


Brothers Seniors: 2016 Team Photos




Under 18 (Weissel Cup)




2015 Brothers Team Photos








2015 Wagga Brothers LTDV



2014 Official Team Photos

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Brothers Junior Rugby League
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Email: juniors@brothers.com.au

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